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21. june 2021 · 2 minute

Is Portugal a good place for ex-pats?

It is no news that Portugal has become a trendy place to live and work. There is no wonder why – it offers a variety of possibilities and benefits for anybody interested. But what makes it so attractive?

Low costs of living, generous tax system, enjoyable weather, breathtaking historic architecture, and a lively cultural scene. Let’s dive into some of the main reasons Portugal might be the ideal place for ex-pats seeking an attractive place for a new adventure.


For a start, it is good to know that for someone willing to buy a property, prices are relatively low, especially inland property can come at a low price. Flatio is ideal for a mid-term stay for a rental from 14 days to 6 + months. The platform offers fully furnished and equipped listings (including Wi-Fi) across the whole of Portugal. Another attractive feature for a prospective new resident of Portugal is its safety. The country ranks among the safest countries globally. Its crime rates are generally low, and the minor crime there is typically non-violent.


Life in Portugal happens at a slow pace. The culture is very laid back and values free time and relaxation. This might come as a great refreshment to many people tired by all possible stress factors today and is undoubtedly beneficial for mental and physical health. Hand in hand with such a lifestyle goes healthy organic cuisine based on local products – Portugal’s markets are abundant in fresh fruit and vegetables. Fish-eating is also ever-present (the Portuguese are Europe’s certified top fish eaters, after all). Again, freshness is a priority. Relaxing pace and healthy food might be very therapeutic for anyone struggling with a hasty and exhausting modern lifestyle.

Tax system

Portugal, as already mentioned, has a generally favourable tax system. For an ex-pat, this will most likely come in the form of a non-habitual residence tax regime. For someone in their first ten years of residence in Portugal, this regime offers tax benefits. It also includes no inheritance tax, gift tax, or wealth tax. Non-habitual residents can benefit from a flat 20% income tax rate instead of the usual scale rates reaching up to 48%. 


Portugal has rich architecture, ranging from the genuinely ancient remnants of Celtic and Roman settlements to castles of the Moorish period, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque buildings. After all, one of the most prestigious architecture movements globally, the School of Porto, is of Portuguese origin.

Portugal is a place where an ex-pat can spend a fulfilling and fruitful time. The pleasant climate, non-stressful lifestyle, reasonable prices, and inspirational surroundings are blessings for a newcomer who aims to reside in Portugal for a while or, who knows, maybe forever.
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