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Rent your property on Flatio,
free yourself from worry about the decreases in tourism and earn money.

Flatio is a general partner of Startup Madeira and their project Digital Nomad Madeira Island. Flatio specializes in mid-term apartment rentals and helps everyone who aims to rent out their flat. It leverages automation to give apartment owners a carefree way to handle the rental and find new tenants. Advertise your apartment for rent for free.

List your offer for free on Flatio

All service free of charge in 2021 for all landlords in Madeira

Find the new source of income before the tourists return

In partnership with Startup Madeira Flatio will deliver you digital nomads, as your new tenants, willing to spend a few months on a beautiful Madeira and work remotely from here.

Only on Flatio can you rent out your apartment or spare room from one month and longer, without the hassle, strict rules and absurd regulations of a traditional rental. Flatio's mid-term rental brings you the highest profit, frees you from paperwork and saves you time on personal tours of the apartment.

Gain peace of mind

Mid-term apartment rental through Flatio is 100% legal, isn't subject to any special regulations and is taxed just like your usual long-term rentals.

How should you tax rent income from Flatio?


All service free of charge in 2021 for all landlords in Madeira.

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Manage the rental with ease

A smartphone or laptop is all you need. Tours are virtual, contracts digital, and the rental management app intuitive.

How works the rental process at Flatio?

Keep your flat and money safe

We will pay the first month's rent even if – despite a valid contract – the new tenant doesn't move in. You also get a 10,000 EUR Damage Coverage Guarantee.

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Get verified and financially solvent tenants

Handpick the tenants you feel good about – verified people, corporate clientele, or tenants with recommendations from other landlords.

More about potential tenants
Typical tenants at Flatio

Ask us for advice

We see apartment owners as business partners. Just starting out with mid-term rentals? Need a piece of advice? Give us a call or send an email.

How our customer support can help you?

Feel free to contact our local customer support

Do you have any questions about how Flatio works or do you need help with anything else? Don't hesitate to contact your local guide Wagner.
Phone: +351 300 600 156
Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp: +44 7723 495945

Rent your apartment hassle–free and without stress

From contract templates to all other documents you need to rent your flat, we've got you covered. You can also trust our Damage Coverage Guarantee and tenants' recommendations from other apartment owners.

Damage Coverage Guarantee

For each apartment you rent on Flatio, we establish a 10,000 EUR fund to cover all emergency costs and unexpected damage.

More about Damage Coverage Guarantee
Terms of Damage Coverage Guarantee

Fine-tuned legal support

Leave all the legal stuff to us. We'll provide you with verified lease agreements available in several languages.

How works the online signing of the lease agreement?
Lease agreement template
Agency contract

Tenant reviews

We ask all landlords for feedback on their tenants so you know in advance what to expect from them.

List your apartment for free

That's right – listing your apartment on Flatio is free of charge. We only ask for a commission once a tenant rents your flat.

How can you start renting your flat on Flatio?

First verify your apartment's exact address. Read the contract of agency and sign it electronically (after this, no more paperwork awaits you). Then download our mobile app to handle the rental like a pro!

Need to know more? Check out our Help Center.

Meet digital nomads, your new tenants

Digital nomads (and remote workers) are travelers who spend up to several months at one place, working from here, becoming part of the community, and enjoying the combination of work, travel, and free time. They love to work from interesting places and use all services available. They can be a really great type of guest replacing classical tourists. There are almost 5M digital nomads only in the US and it is assumed there will be 1 billion digital nomads worldwide by the year 2035. Don't miss the opportunity to become their host in Madeira. The last stats confirm there were more than 1.000 digital nomads entering Madeira Island in December 2020.

Why Flatio supports Startup Madeira

For the year 2021 Madeira government decided to support the incoming travel of Digital nomads to this beautiful island. So government-funded Startup Madeira prepared a project called Digital Nomad Madeira Island starting in February 2021. One of its main tasks is to set-up a digital nomad village Ponta do Sol that can be an example of success for building more digital nomads villages. Flatio is excited to help as a general partner of this project and offer our online rental solution for all landlords in Madeira completely free for the whole year 2021. We believe the digital nomad economy can help to offset losses from tourism.

Regular advice for apartment owners

Owning an apartment is not as easy as it seems at first glance. You must stay up to date about new legislation and decrees and spend a great deal of time looking for suitable tenants. With Flatio, you can finally free yourself from all this and rent without worries. List your flat for free, sit back, relax and let us find you the tenant you're looking for! In the meantime, you can also read what's new in the real estate property world.

Invested in an apartment? Start reaping the fruits with Flatio

Investing in an apartment pays off. With Flatio, you get three times the payoff:

  • Compared to long-term rentals, listing your apartment on Flatio can make you up to 25% more.
  • Free yourself from choosing the right tenants, giving personal tours of the apartment, and arranging contracts and other paperwork.
  • You'll have only a fraction of the worries typically connected with a short-term rental. You don't have to wring your hands over more check-ins and check-outs every other day or legislation that changes daily.

Do you, too, want to rent your apartment efficiently? Turn to Flatio and start enjoying your new passive income with no worries or stress.