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How is the move-in process done?

Except the physical receiving of the keys you will most likely sign the handover protocol. Although it’s not the mandatory operation, the landlord may not ask you to sign it. However, we strongly recommend to sign this document, so do not afraid to remind this action to the landlord and insist on its signature.

You will find there a record about the state of accommodation at the moment of it’s handover including the actual state of energies. We recommend you to take photos of the handovered apartment and add to the handover protocol all the details you want to have covered - it’s a prevention in case of unexpected events that make the solution of it easier for both sides.

Non-problematic handover

If the apartment corresponds to the presentation at the time the reservation request was created and you takeover the key from the landlord along with the signature of the handover protocol, it can be assumed that there was a seamless handover of the apartment. This handover has to be confirmed via e-mail at, so we can forward the first rent to the landlord (the following working day after the agreement).

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