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What is the Flatio virtual tour and how can I get it?

Virtual tours are increasingly popular among internet users. This tour allows potential tenants to “walk” through your flat and see it in a 360° view. This experience can be enhanced by converting a virtual tour into virtual reality and using special glasses to complete the experience.

Does this sound like science fiction? Well, the future is here! On Flatio, virtual tours are the standard that we recommend to all landlords. Since we don’t offer in-person visits via Flatio, we stand by the recommendation that each advertised offer should have both quality photos AND a virtual tour.

Order quality photos including virtual tour!

Our photographer is trained to create a quality Flatio-standard presentation portfolio that consists of both photos and virtual tours. Every property owner who wants to advertise on Flatio has the opportunity to use the services of our photographer for a small fee. Just let us know via My Rentals:

  1. Log in to the application, go to Properties and choose concrete offer.
  2. In the menu, select Photos and click Order your photo shoot.
  3. In the form, fill in the days a photoshoot is convenient for you and submit.

The customer support team will be immediately informed of your interest in this offer.

NOTE: The fee for this service may vary depending on the city where your offer is located. For the current price list, log in to My Rentals.

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