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Help Center Help for tenants Reservation request What is a service fee and why do I have to pay it?

What is a service fee and why do I have to pay it?

The Service Fee is a one-time fee payable along with the first rent within the 24-hour window of the contractual process that occurs after the landlord has approved the reservation request. This fee allows Flatio to provide its services, offer the verificated and fully furnished apartments with virtual tours to housing seekers, work on developing systems and rental agreements, and last but not least, provide the friendly customer support available throughout the whole lease period.

The amount of the service fee depends on a number of factors, in particular the amount of the basic rent and the length of the reservation request. However, you will be informed of the amount before submitting your reservation request, just fill in the Move-in and Move-out fields in the offer detail and the system will show you a breakdown of all payments, including service charges.

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