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Vincenzo B
Vincenzo B.
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Neighborhood hero
Experienced host
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Yauheni S.
Yauheni S.
Before 4 years ago


Vincenzo' s communication was perfect from the beginning. He is very attentive and helpful host. The flat is very nice and well equipped. It is also very clean and so bright. I recommend it to anyone who wants to visit and stay in Prague. The location is very convenient. My wife and I will stay here again for sure.
About me
Me and my partner live in Prague 9 years. We moved here for working reasons and we raise 2 kids together. I come from small town Uherske Hradiste in Morava. I love to live in Prague, because the city ,,lives" and it is safe and quite at the same time. Enzo comes from Rome and has been travelling and living in many different places in Europe and beyond so he is used to relate himself to multiple and different cultural a good host should be and do.
Your hobbies
Our favourite sport is swimming and biking. We love to listen music and go to the concerts and festivals. We enjoy to cook together (anything good, tasty, light and healthy), taste good wine and visit restaurants and cafes with our friends.

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September 2017

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