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Veronika H
Veronika H.
Neighborhood hero
Experienced host
Neighborhood hero
Experienced host
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Rivel S.
Rivel S.
Before a year ago
Great accomodation.
Zohair L.
Zohair L.
Before 2 months ago
Veronika is a great host and responsive. I was welcomed at the flat with the keys when I arrived, the flat was clean and appropriately furnished.
Pros - great location, being right opposite the tram stop and minutes away from Lidl and Albert supermarkets. Fully and nicely furnished.
Cons - compact bathroom (did not expect this), slightly pricey for the space and key to front door of building gets stuck occasionally. Have to enter through back door so it's manageable.
Paul G.
Paul G.
Before 4 days ago
Really nice apartment


Veronika je vyborny hostitel, ktery vychazi ve vsem maximalne vstric, vsem vrele doporucuju!
About me
Jsme přátelští lidé, milujeme cestování. S manželem se pronajímání věnujeme téměř 5 let.
Your hobbies
Jízda na kole, snowboarding, hot yoga, badminton.

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January 2018

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