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Agnes M
Agnes M.
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Frank S.
Frank S.
Before a month ago
Lived at Pál Utca 3 for two months in the Spring of 2019. Suite had everything I needed. Feri was a very kind and helpful landlord Would not hesitate to return.
Jack T.
Jack T.
Before a year ago
The landlord Ferenc is a lovely guy who will make sure you are comfortable and settled. I really enjoyed living in this place for 2 months, it's cosy, well laid out, and stocked with almost everything you would want in your day to day life. Highly recommended. You are guaranteed to have a good time living here. The apartment block is quiet, peaceful and feels very safe.

My only negative is that the shower is very small, and I recommend that the owner consider how to improve it.



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Feel warm welcome with us! We are hosting tourists, businessmen, students and other travellers for 8 years as a family based accommodation providers in the center of Budapest! Be our Friend! :)

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