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We will do everything for your trust

We want you to find your new home worry-free

We form a mutual bond of trust between the tenant and the owner

It is very important for us that the tenant gets along with the owner and that they can trust one another

"The first time I went to live alone was in Prague. I had my concerns, of course. But thanks to Flatio everything went just fine."

Search without traps

We will check out each offer for you. Despite that, if anything should be out of order, we are bear full responsibility. We will take care of you!

Get to know the flat owner

The owners establish a profile just like you. On it you can find ratings from previous tenants and read a short piece about them.

You can rely on Flatio

You can count on us. Your trust is the most important thing for us and we will do everything we possibly can to make you feel content and safe.

Customer support

We would go the world over for your smile. So don't hesitate to ask any working day of the week, from 8 AM to 4 PM, if you're not certain about something. You can reach us via email, telephone or online chat.

Look through the whole flat from the comfort of your home

Walk through the flat as many times as you want, show it to your family and friends. Thanks to virtual tours you can make sure you've seen every nook and cranny of every flat. And it's fun too!

We examine each flat for you!

The verification of offers is exceedingly important to us. Every flat is personally visited by our auditor who makes sure everything is in order. On Flatio, we only want to offer flats we would like to live in ourselves.

Every owner creates his own profile

The owners have their own profile just like you. You can read what they have written about themselves or check out their references from previous tenants.

All contracts are made available to you in advance

You can access contracts for each housing offer. This way you can read them before even applying for a reservation. So that you know what you're going into.

Everything you could possibly need for a few months' living is prepared

Each flat advertised on Flatio is fully furnished. You can simply come over and settle down!

Partnerships that mean a lot

We have formed great partnerships with these companies and we care for them a lot. Together we are forming a market for medium-term leasing - a few-month-long accommodation.