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Flatio in a nutshell

The Flatio company is expert at medium-term rentals. It is intended especially for those planning to stay in one place for a few months, most often for business visits, studying, staying as part of the Erasmus Programme or while reconstructing their own home. And also for those coming to visit their family and friends from abroad

The main idea of this service is to connect the real estate market with the newest technologies and thus simplifying the whole renting process. Flatio doesn't follow any of the real estate stereotypes, such as guarantees, personal tours or signing the contract on the spot. Flatio tours are done via virtual visits of the offered property, all the contracts are signed online and thanks to a unique application, even payments can be made by an online card. Flatio builds especially on simplicity, speed and maximum comfort for both sides involved. It is possible to reserve accommodation on Flatio from anywhere in the world.

Flatio is now active in Prague, Berlin, Warsaw, Budapest, Vienna, Brno and Bratislava. The man behind it is Radim Rezek. Flatio's investors are the investment group Enern and INCOMMING ventures.


Jan Hustak
PR manager
Jan Husták