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Daniel M.

Our company has opened a new office

My name is Tomáš and I come from the Czech Republic. Our company has opened a new office and so I am moving to Prague. My wife Aline is coming with me, of course, and she is really excited about our new flat. I like things to be in order and I would say I am a very reliable person. I have a lot of hobbies including fitness, traveling, a healthy life style, good food, literature, my beloved friends and last, but not least online marketing.

What I am looking for

I am looking for housing for 1 month with the possibility to prolong it to 6 months if both sides are satisfied. One of the key factors when choosing my flat is its location. I wish to live near my office so I can get there by foot in no time, I do not want to run for the tram or get stuck in a morning traffic jam. Me and my wife are checking smaller flats that are completely and nicely furnished. We do not want any trouble moving. Alina would like a shower bath and a nice view of Prague when having breakfast and a place to sit and have coffee would also be nice.

The flat I have chosen

In the end we have chosen a very cosy and well-furnished 1+kk flat in Prague 9. It is absolutely ideal for us. We wanted a shower bath, lovely view and a new building. We have all that and what's more, we will live just a few steps away from my office which was my dream.

The thing I enjoy the most about our new flat is that we can watch TV from bed. I often fall asleep before the film finishes, but the comfort is amazing.

How it all turned out in the end

We will rent this flat for the next 5 months too, we have already agreed on it with the landlord and we will soon sign our contract. Both sides are fully satisfied.

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