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Which method can be used for payment of the rent?

For the maximum convenience and smoothness of the process, rentals can be paid in different ways. You can also choose a different payment method for each payment of the rent! So you are not bound by the type of payment method you chose while paying the first rent.

By payment card online

The most common and the fastest way to pay the first rent and ensure for example the successful finishing of the contractual process (in case of first rent) is payment by payment card online. The payment gate used by Flatio supports the vast majority of international payment cards. However, if your payment was rejected for any reason, please check the following:

  • sufficient cash balance on your account,
  • the daily payment limit,
  • the payment limit for online payments.

These are the most common reasons for declining payments, and it’s necessary to contact your bank institute to solve the problem.

WARNING: We do not store data from payment cards, so you have to enter card details for each additional payment of the rent via card manually.

By bank transfer

You can also use the bank transfer to pay the rent but in the case of first rent the time for finishing the contractual process gets delayed (this kind of payment usually takes 2-3 working days), in the case of other rents please keep in mind its due dates and send the rent in advance. 

When paying a bank transfer payment, we recommend to upload a proof of payment (ideally in a PDF file with a digital signature of the bank) to the My Housing app, which will be also sent to the landlord, so he will know that money is probably on the way.

By Bitcoin

Do you have free Bitcoins? Then you will be pleased with the fact that on Flatio you can pay the rent also with this cryptocurrency, just follow the instructions in My Housing app!

NOTE: The maximum payment limit for this cryptocurrency is € 1 000, so if you need to pay a higher amount of money than this limit, please contact our customer support via e-mail ( - they will help you to resolve this issue.

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