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Accommodation for Erasmus students

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If you seized your opportunity and going on Erasmus to study at prestige European universities, you definitely know, how difficult it is to organise everything before leaving. In case, you are heading to Prague, Brno, Vienna or Bratislava, we will help you to tick off one point from your list. That is the flat rent. The start-up Flatio helps you to arrange accommodation in a couple of minutes from everywhere. With our assistance you can remove all these difficult steps, everything can be arranged right from the bed.

The company Flatio is primarily focused on the mid-term flat rent. It means, that we will offer you an opportunity to rent a flat or a room for 1-12 months. This period is not limited, it is always possible to ask owner and prolong the contract, if the agreement is achieved. You will also find small studios, flats and many-roomed apartments in our offer. With your friends, you can have a virtual tour on the flat and plan in advance, which room your will take. All the flats and rooms are fully-equipped. The Internet connection is the matter of course.

After click on the offer you will find a detailed description of a flat. So, you can choose accommodation close to public transport, shops or your university. You will have a new home without worrying about any arrangements.

Why is Flatio the best choice for accommodation on Erasmus?

  • you set the period of accommodation by yourself
  • flats are fully-equipped and nothing basic doesn’t miss
  • the Internet connection is the matter of course
  • everything is arranged online, including virtual tour and signing of the contract
  • you do not pay deposit
  • you can choose flats with different dispositions
  • you will know, whether the owner approved your booking in 24 hours
  • in case, you have any questions, call us +420 228 886 511, write an e-mail s [email protected] or contact us with the online chat

Offer accommodation to the Erasmus program

Flatio does not work in one-way on the real estate market. You can offer accommodation for the Erasmus students with our online interface. Renting your own flat is the best way to increase your income. We will help you to find tenants. The mid-term renting will provide you with more clients and more money. You do not have to pay deposit to rent your flat or room. Instead of it we offer so-called Security deposit for the flat owners. This is how the flats are secured from any damage. If you have a free flat and want to find new tenants, upload your offer on our web-site. More information about this you will find on the page For owners. Your future tenants you will choose by yourself according to their profiles on Flatio. Thus, you will always know, who is living at your place.