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Accommodation for digital nomads

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Do you dream of not having to sit in an office for eight hours every day, but being able to work from anywhere in the world, the only necessity being a stable internet connection? In that case, don’t hesitate and go for it. Become a digital nomad and travel all around the world, discover new places, and enjoy your life. You just need your backpack, your wallet or purse, documents necessary for traveling, and a laptop or a smartphone with an internet connection. But what about your own apartment or your house? And where to look for a comfortable accommodation in advance? Flatio will help you with that.

What is Flatio?

This modern start-up company focuses on arranging medium-term accommodation, which is accommodation for 1–12 months. If you’re going to travel, use their services. It’s a fast, easy, and ideal solution for all who don’t want to waste time with time-consuming paperwork and organization.

What to do with my apartment or house while I’m gone?

If you have an empty house or flat and you don’t want to leave it unoccupied while you’re away, why not offering it to clients of Flatio interested in medium-term rentals. You’ll be able to continue with your travels, make some money and help other digital nomads looking for a place to stay in your area. It’s fast, easy and without unnecessary fees for all involved parties. What’s more, Flatio also provides a guarantee deposit of 250 000 CZK to its landlords and landladies for every apartment.

Just pick and go

Everything ready to go, but the question of accommodation in a European metropolis remains? Take a look at our website at accommodation offers in Prague, Brno, Vienna, Bratislava and other cities. There are houses, apartments or just rooms on offer, all of them fully furnished and equipped so that everything is ready for your arrival. You just arrange the keys exchange, move in and stay there comfortably for a month or even longer.

Explore the world and don’t waste time - how does it work here?

Time is a thing that no one gives you back in today’s world. Use every minute of it and don’t waste it doing things that are easily avoided. Just dive into the world of new experiences, explore new cultures, and work at the same time. Find a rental with Flatio fast and easy – pick an offer on the website, make a reservation, and wait for its approval. In just 24 hours, you’ll know if the apartment is yours. After that, you just arrange the date when you move in.

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