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Accommodation for students in European cities

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Are you a student who loves travelling and discovering different parts of the world? Do you often go on longer study trips, maybe even with your friends? If you don’t want to look for often unnecessarily expensive hotels in cities where you stay or you don’t like the idea of dormitories, then you’ll surely be interested in the offer of student rentals, advertised on the website of Flatio company for four major European cities: Prague, Brno, Vienna and Bratislava.

Apartment rentals for students

The start-up company Flatio will make looking for medium-term accommodation for 1-12 months easier for you, all of that in a place where you plan on staying as a student on a study visit or during Erasmus stay. How does it work?

Using our online app, My Rents, you will choose if you want to rent an apartment, a room or a house and for how long. You then make a reservation and the owner has 24 hours to approve it. After the approval, you have 24 hours to provide personal details, sign the contract and pay the first rent. When that’s done, you just arrange the keys exchange with the landlord and you can start living in the apartment. Easy, right? There’s one big advantage: you don't pay deposits – you’ll save a lot of money, which is something every student definitely wants!

Ready to use immediately

If you plan on spending a few months on a study stay away from home, a fully furnished apartment will surely come in handy. It’s a big advantage of apartments on Flatio, you just open the front door and start living there. Thanks to that, you’ll avoid moving wardrobes or looking for cookware.

It's easy and very quick

Get to know major European cities thanks to team Flatio. Renting for 1-12 months in various different places is now made easier. Thanks to a virtual tour, you can pick an apartment conveniently and then focus on your studies, study visit or all the fun activities which are waiting just for you.

It's a great solution for all students who want to make their stay away from home easier and more pleasant. Are you one of them? Then you are in the right place. Just take a look at the offers from landlords and find an ideal accommodation exactly according to your ideas.