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Luxury apartments for rent

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So you are moving to a different European city? Are you a digital nomad, have you even decided where you want to go? Is it Prague with its art nouveau architecture and good beer? Or what about Vienna with its’ rich cultural history and viennese coffee houses? Or Budapest, Warsaw, Berlin?! Wherever you go, you are about to change your lifestyle radically, why not do it properly by finding some luxury accommodation to rent.

Find the luxury property of your dreams

Flatio have many apartments and rooms for rental in beautiful cities throughout Europe, and here you will find the most luxurious of all we offer. You can live in the finest locations and have opulent surroundings, balconies, state of the art kitchens, natural light, whatever it is you are looking for it is all here.

Browse through our extensive luxury accommodation listings, the comprehensive descriptions with photos and offer 3D virtual tours all help towards you making an informed decision about which apartment suits you best without having to visit. When you have found the perfect place you need to click ‘Reservation Request’ if you have thoroughly filled in your profile it will make it easy for the landlord to approve within 24 hours. When you receive approval, you just need to pay the €19 reservation fee and low service fee, fill in the paperwork and pack your bags.

It makes sense to find accommodation with Flatio

Moving to another city, perhaps another country should be an exciting process, but we all know that moving house can be very stressful so we take the tricky bits out of moving so you can just focus on the good times ahead. 3 things we do to make it easy for you:

  1. All paperwork can be completed online including signing the rental contract
  2. All luxury accommodation is fully furnished, equipped and has an internet connection
  3. We charge no high commissions and no deposit

We support you through the whole process if you need to talk to us just call on +420 228 886 510 email on [email protected] or use our webchat.

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