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I want to list a property on Flatio. What should the flat look like?

We list any flat or room in a flat that meets both of the following two standards:

It is fully equipped

Due to the duration of rental that most Flatio tenants are seeking (most often 1-6 months), it is necessary to provide a fully equipped flat. Tenants who are renting for a period shorter than a year do not want to have the stress or expense of finding a suitable bed, chair, table, or appliances; they want to move in with only a suitcase containing clothes and personal belongings. A list of the equipment your flat should provide is here.

It has an internet connection

A majority of Flatio tenants are corporate clients or students. Both of these groups require an active internet connection in the form of Wi-Fi - due to the speed of development of technological products many devices now cannot use a classic cable connection.


A fully-equipped home that includes internet access is the Flatio standard. This is what we promise your potential tenants, and it is the minimum they expect. All else is a matter of personal taste, e.g., décor. We do not dictate how your home should be decorated or otherwise appear, but we know from practice that clients most often choose a clean, airy environment where they feel comfortable and at home.

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