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Who is a typical Flatio tenant?

There are many reasons people seek out rentals for the duration of a month to a year. We are privileged to have many different types of clients.

For example, clients often seek medium-term housing for reasons related to their jobs. Company managers, for example, may need temporary housing while they deal with a situation at a branch or for their new employees while they undergo trainee programs. We also see many “digital nomads”, travelers who can work from anywhere. Tenants moving for work makes up about 50% of all our clients, and their representation is largely made up of company bookings entered as part of the Flatio for Business service, which allows companies to find housing for current or future employees.

Another substantial portion of our clients is made up of students. Most often they are participating in the Erasmus study program, are classical university students seeking accommodation for a semester or two, or are doing an internship. This group accounts for about 25% of all Flatio clients.

An equally important part of our clientele is formed by families or couples who are looking for somewhere to stay because their own flat is being renovated or constructed. In addition, we meet clients who need housing for a few weeks or months because of medical stays or people who are traveling to explore new culturesrecreation, or are visiting relatives. This group is among the most diverse, and it makes up the remaining 25% of our clientele.

Whoever sends you a reservation request, remember that you always have access to data which will help you make an educated choice about whether or not to rent your home.

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