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If I rent with Flatio, is there a rental contract?

Flatio is proud to facilitate simple, valid rental contracts for our tenant and landlord clients. Potential tenants must upload an identity document, submit the first rental payment, and verify an online signature on the lease agreement. This agreement is signed by both parties. Tenants sign the agreement by entering the SMS authorization code in the appropriate field in their Flatio application.

Once all the steps of the contract process are fulfilled, the lease agreement becomes valid and the tenant and landlord must abide by all the conditions specified therein. In the event of non-compliance, they may be subject to penalties resulting from both the lease agreement and the terms and conditions.

The Flatio lease agreement is uniform for all tenants and landlords, and it is not possible to make changes that do not comply with our terms and conditions. If the lease agreement does not satisfy you for any reason, it may be supplemented by a general amendment. However, the amendment as such must not be contrary to the general terms and conditions and must be approved by the counterparty.

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