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Kuba M
Kuba M.
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Zuzana C.
Before 6 months ago
Vse probehlo dle domluvy, byt je ve vyborne lokalite, klidny, pritom dostupnost mhd kavaren i obchodu v blizkem okoli. Byt je dispozice velmi dobre zarizen.
Adèle M.
Adèle M.
Before a year ago
There was a leak in the toilet during my 3 months stay
Jennifer E.
Jennifer E.
Before a year ago
Lovely flat, and I would stay here again.
Andrea T.
Andrea T.
Before 2 years ago
1) Excellent location: tram stop around the corner, 5 minutes to the Metro. Supermarket, other shops and restaurants nearby.
2) Balcony.
3) Well-equipped kitchen.
4) Large, comfortable bed.
5) The apartment looks recently renovated.

To be fair, some of the points below reflect our own experience and have since been fixed (especially 2&3). The owner is reactive and tries to solve the problems, but is doing so from a distance because he does not live in Prague, so everything takes more time.

1) The apartment was found in an unimaginably filthy condition that we had to remedy ourselves (e.g. urine underneath and around the toilet seat, trash in the bin, traces of food in the microwave, in the kitchen drawers, in the fridge and the oven, ashtrays full of cigarettes on the balcony, dust everywhere, mold in the washing machine, dirty laundry in the laundry bin etc.). Certainly the next guests will find it much cleaner than we did.
2) The dishwasher was not working for the first month of our stay.
3) There was a problem with the wireless router resulting in an unstable connection until about 5 days before we left.
4) There is not a single chair in the entire apartment. There is a desk and a single small stool, so you will probably end up eating on the tea-table in the living room.
5) Keep in mind that, as is very common in Prague, there are no blinds. Some obscuring curtains would have been welcome.
6) The check-in was a bit complicated, as the owner was not there and we had to retrieve the keys from the owners of a small shop downstairs who did not understand a word we were saying (the problem was solved by the owner over the phone).

Overall the apartment will work fine for two people, especially if a few details are adressed. It desperately needs someone to take care of it on a more regular basis.
Dylan O.
Dylan O.
Before a year ago
Apartment was lovely, modern and has everything you need in it to have a lovely stay in Prague.

Communication with mike was excellent, we had one small query about the boiler which he sorted out for us within 10 minutes of texting him.
Overall Mike was an excellent host and the only thing that let the apartment down a small bit was the cleanliness of the apartment upon arrival

upon arrival the apartment wasn't properly cleaned, dirty towels still left in the basket, a big pile of dirt just swept under the table outside, all of which we had to clean within the first day.

It was clear that one of the previous tenant must of had a dog because there was loose dog hair in the apartment, down by the radiators and the floor.
Kasper K.
Kasper K.
Before 12 months ago
Very nice apartment with a good location. As we read in other reviews the apartment was dirty when we moved in, but besides that it was all in all a great apartment. Mike was very helpful and quick to respond when we had any questions or issues.


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