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Erzsébet V.
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Neighborhood hero
Experienced host
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Nikos P.
Nikos P.
Before a year ago
I was in the apartment for 4 months, it is really cute and cozy! And in a perfect location. Elizabeth is very nice and very approachable. I really liked the location, the huge bed and the cool bathroom. The only things to consider is that it doesn't have a loundry (but there is one inside the market) and that it gets a bit noisy sometimes. Overall, it was a really nice experience, and it's perfect for short to medium stay!! :)


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My name is Elisabeth Levandovsky, I have been living in Budapest for 25 years. I and my husband have apartments in the city center and we love to host guests from all over the world. We will make sure you enjoy your stay in Budapest and leave with a smile on your face:)

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June 2019

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