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Flatio launches its first Digital Nomad Report 2023

25. july 2023 · 2 minute

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our highly-anticipated Flatio Digital Nomad Report 2023.

The comprehensive study looks at the state of digital nomadism in 2023, shining a light on the motivations, frustrations, and favourite destinations of digital nomads across the world.

To compile the report, we sent a survey of 32 questions to our database of over 25,000 digital nomads with 1,200 people responding on a range of subjects:

  • annual earning
  • taxes
  • employment status
  • accommodation preferences
  • social causes.
  • many other

Radim Rezek, co-founder and CEO of Flatio, said:

“Digital nomadism is not just a trend, it’s the future of business, travel and living. We wanted to have a deep dive into the lifestyle as we struggled to find recent data on the current state of digital nomadism. Some of the findings in the report were fascinating, especially relating to the number of digital nomads that are in full-time employment. Previously, digital nomadism was for freelancers, entrepreneurs and location-independent workers. Now it seems anyone can do it, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on productivity, health and overall contentment amongst workforces.”

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living as digital nomad in 2023 - statistics, trends, survey


Here are some key statistics highlighted in Flatio’s Digital Nomad Report 2023:

  • Cost is the number one factor determining a digital nomad’s next destination, voted by almost half (46.6%) of digital nomads

  • A quarter (25%) of digital nomads are over the age of 40

  • Over 4 in 5 digital nomads (81.9%) consider the impact they have on local people

  • Almost a third (31.5%) of digital nomads are in full-time employment

  • Finding accommodation is the number one biggest frustration (39.8%) for digital nomads

  • The majority of digital nomads come from the USA (37.4%), followed by the UK (12.3%) and Germany (5.6%)

  • Portugal was voted as digital nomads’ favourite destination in the world (27.1%)

  • Spain was voted the number one destination digital nomads want to visit next (14.5%)

  • Over half of digital nomads (51.5%) earn between €10-50k annually

  • Almost two-thirds (66.1%) of digital nomads pay tax in their home country

  • Over half of digital nomads (55.1%) spend between 1-4 months at a time in a destination

  • Almost two-thirds (61.5%) of digital nomads think digital nomad visas are beneficial

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We believe that the Digital Nomad Report 2023 will not only serve as a valuable resource for the digital nomad community but also provide insights for businesses, policymakers, and individuals interested in understanding and catering to the needs of this unique demographic.

See the full report below. For press enquries contact [email protected]

Flatio’s Digital Nomad Report 2023

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