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Why is Madeira a good destination for Digital Nomads and Remote workers

31. march 2021 · 2 minute
Digital nomads and remote workers often imagine themselves living in cities like Berlin, Lisbon, or Paris, or perhaps they think of traveling all over Asia and the Americas. Still, few of them think of Madeira Island.
But they absolutely should since Madeira is packed with remote work opportunities and breathtaking sights.

Digital Nomad Village

You might be tired of the hustle and bustle of large cities, and you’re thinking of finding a nice calm spot somewhere. You’re in luck because Madeira has dedicated a small village, Ponta do Sol, to digital nomads and remote workers.
From February 1st, 2021, the village is ready to receive nomads and remote workers worldwide.
Digital Nomads Village Madeira Island is an initiative developed by the Regional Government of Madeira, Startup Madeira, and the acclaimed digital nomad Gonçalo Hall.
The Digital Nomad Village has been hailed as Portugal’s “most impressive offering for the remote working community” to date, dedicated to welcoming a growing community of workers who appreciate the flexibility and freedom of the digital nomad lifestyle.
Flatio is an official partner of Startup Madeira on this initiative as the accommodation provider for the village's nomads.
The midterm rental platform offers over 200 fully equipped and furnished listings ready to move in, with all bills included in the monthly rent. It’s possible to rent on Flatio from 14 days to 6+ months, and for rentals less than six months long, there’s no deposit.
The nomad village offers picturesque sights, ocean access, coworking spaces, and the possibility of meeting interesting people. Outside of work, you can enjoy mountain biking, sailing, surfing, and much more, all while surrounded by unique landscapes.
As many digital nomads know, having steady internet access is vital for survival. Thankfully, Madeira Island has nearly 100% broadband coverage, with most hotels and long-term and mid-term rentals providing a stable connection.
If you’re staying in Funchal, you might also use free internet access throughout the capital's historic district. Sit in a lovely café, log into the “Município do Funchal” WiFi, and enjoy.

Weather and nature in Madeira

Having stayed all over the world, you might be used to abrupt weather changes or inhospitable nature, but you’ll find none of that in Madeira. The island is sometimes known as the island of eternal spring.
The summers aren’t too hot, and the winters aren’t too cold, nor does it rain too often, meaning that you can hit the beach pretty much any time of the year. Weather in Portugal is simply stunning.
With cliffs looking out over the Atlantic Ocean, waterfalls, and dense forests, it's clear why it was named Madeira. There are almost endless natural sights to take in.
The whole island is also well connected by bus companies and crisscrossed with hiking trails along the levadas, so it will take a long time before you run out of places to go.

Madeira is foreigner-friendly

The island gets much of its annual revenue from tourism and, for that reason, it is very foreigner-friendly. Where in other countries you might encounter the dreaded language barrier, you can easily hold a conversation in English and German, French, and Spanish.
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