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How does Flatio work?

Flatio is the clever way to rent. We use our online platform to connect tenants with properties that are available for stays from one month to one year.

The Flatio rental process begins when a landlord enters details about a property they would like to rent out. Flatio checks the property listing and then displays it on our app. Now potential tenants can see it when they search for a flat.

When a potential tenant finds an interesting flat, they send a reservation request. The landlord will get an email and an SMS notification. The landlord has 24 hours to accept or decline a request, but Flatio recommends that landlords make a decision as quickly as possible. This is because tenants can send more than one request at a time and may choose an alternative offer that is accepted earlier.

Once the landlord accepts a reservation request, the potential tenant has 24 hours to complete the necessary paperwork. This consists of signing the lease agreement onlineuploading a copy of their identification card, and submitting the first rental payment to Flatio. If these steps are not met within the 24-hour period, the landlord has the right to cancel the reservation and list the property again.

Once all the paperwork is completed, the lease agreement becomes valid and is binding for both parties, with all rights and obligations. Any changes (e.g., add to the contract, extend the duration, terminate) must be approved by both parties.

The lease agreement includes a breakdown of all the rent payments and their corresponding due dates. The tenant submits each payment to the Flatio collection account, from which the brokerage fee is deducted (the current commission amount is 7.5% + VAT 21%). The remainder is sent to the landlord’s bank account on the next business day (with the exception of forwarding the first lease, see below).

Once the agreement and other paperwork are completed, Flatio shares contact information with the landlord and tenant so they can arrange the property handover. When handing over a flat to a tenant, don't forget to complete and sign a handover protocol together with documenting a housing with photographs. Seven days after the start of the lease, Flatio automatically forwards the first rent to the landlord.

Since many different situations can arise during a rental occupancy, we recommend that landlords stay available to communicate with their tenants. In any case, including in the few cases that it is necessary to terminate a lease agreement and evict a tenant, Flatio Customer Support is available to you on business days to help guide both parties to a solution.

When the lease agreement has ended and your tenant moves out, we recommend you to take over the flat personally so you can immediately check the housing, sign the takeover protocol together with tenant (including record of all necessary information, e.g. damages and its compensation) and document the state of housing with photographs.

After the end of stay we ask you to write a review of the tenant and, if necessary, update the data in your property listings.

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