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What is the My Rentals web app for?

Once you have gone through all the steps in the tool and have created your property listing, your My Rentals web app user account will be created. This will redirect you to:

This app is the center of all your collaboration with Flatio. It is where you can manage your property listings, the advertising settings for those listings, your bookings, your tenants, lease agreements, etc. And of course, it's where you communicate with potential and actual tenants.

If you are someone who prefers to take things mobile, you'll be pleased to know you can manage your reservation requests on the go with the My Rentals mobile app, available on iOS and Android devices. This app helps you accept or decline reservation requests as quickly as possible, and also gives you full control over the dates your properties are listed as available to rent.

Whether you use the web or mobile application, you will be informed about any new interest in your properties almost instantly through email notifications and SMS.


NOTE: All the practical solutions we present in this guide are for the My Rentals web version.

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