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Do I need high-quality photos on my Flatio listing?

Simply, yes.

Potential tenants decide whether they will consider your property or not based on the photos you provide. Dark, blurred, or low-resolution images, photos taken from your phone, and photos that don't adequately show what the flat looks like do not attract tenants.

Flatio knows how all-important photos are! That’s why we offer landlords a professional photo shoot, including the creation of a 360°tour or a virtual tour for a small fee! Learn more about this service here.

That said, using Flatio’s photo service is not required. If you plan to take photos yourself, please give yourself enough time to do it right. Wait until the weather is nice and your property will look its best. Take photos of every room (including bathrooms, toilets, hallways, changing rooms), preferably from several angles. The rule is that the more pictures you have, the better - and also, the more angles you capture, the better!

Whether you decide to take photos yourself, hire a professional photographer, or book Flatio’s photo service, please note that nearly all potential tenants choose their preferred flats from photos - we don’t organize in-person visits (though you are free to do so). So, you should attempt to give potential tenants faithful, accurate pictures of their future home.

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