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Casa do O.
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Hello, we are Casa do Ofício - Studios & Apartments We have flats for short or longer stays. Our guests are usually, Couples, Families, Groups of Friends and Digital Nomads.
Your hobbies
We are a family. We like to restore old homes, respect their architecture and their identity. Although we often feel like it, we can't live in all of them. Every now and then, when they're available, we spend a few days there. It feels good to play the guest once in a while and see how it is :) We all like the outdoors. Daughter likes skateboarding and climbing. The son canyoning and biking. Dad surfing. And we all challenge each other with our own preferences. Yet we also like the bohemian side of the city, the cafes, the bars and restaurants, the music, the exhibitions and going to the theatre. And, not least, we like to welcome. You are very welcome!

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November 2022

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