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Miroslava P
Miroslava P.
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Neighborhood hero
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Juan Alberto M.
Juan Alberto M.
Before 5 months ago
Mária, the daughter of the landlord was very kind to us. She helped us understand everything their parents wanted to let us know. Whenever we had an issue, she popped up and fixed it quickly.
Nicolas N.
Nicolas N.
Before a year ago
Awesome place and city , loved it.
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Simona R.
Before a year ago
Alles in Ordnung, Besten Dank!
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Elena G.
Before 2 years ago
El estudio está en una casa familiar, es pequeñito y el balcón le da el espacio que le falta, está muy completo y con todo lo necesario para la llegada. Todo en buen estado, luminoso y muy tranquilo. La propietaria y su familia son muy agradables. Está situado en una zona residencial un poco alejada del centro, pero tiene una parada de guaguas a cinco minutos con dos líneas que te llevan al centro en unos 10 minutos.
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Jose S.
Before 10 months ago
It's a studio flat but well organised and with all the commodities for long stays. Full of light and with a nice balcony. Good conditions if you are working from home.
Located in a very calm area, but relatively close to the center (10min by bus) and very easily accessed when you came from Vienna Airport (catch bus 88 from Most SNP and less than 10min walk).
The landlord is great, she's always available if you need something but also gives you total privacy.


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Som žena, manželka a mama 4 dospelých dcér. Rada sa stretávam s ľuďmi a komunikujem. Viem sa dohovoriť v ruštine. Dcéry ovládajú angličtinu a nemčinu. Mám VŠ vzdelanie humanitného smeru. Venujem sa agende rodinnej stolárskej firmy a vedeniu a udržiavaniu môjho ubytovania.
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Mám rada zvieratá, prírodu a záhradu. Rada varím a zaváram džemy a lekváre. Rada čítam. Mám rada domácu kuchyňu a domáce varenie....

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