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Agnes N
Agnes N.
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Neighborhood hero
Experienced host
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Jordan M.
Jordan M.
Before a year ago
The flat is in a very good location, and fully equipped. The hosts were very helpful, and there were no problems during the stay.
Teun d.
Teun d.
Before a year ago
I've been living with my roommate in this room for 10 weeks. It's a nice, clean room with good facilities. The owner was very cooperative and if there was a problem, they were ready to help.
The location of the room is pretty good, and the public transport is nearby. The neighborhood though is a bit old, many of the buildings aren't well maintained. But next to that, the apartment was very clean and nice, there were many facilities nearby (restaurants, supermarkets) and it was a silent neighborhood. So that's what counts the most!

So to be short, we had a great time in this apartment!


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About me
I am an art teacher, mother, wife, who enjoys travel and good books, staying in Hungary. Also I like to cook (not every day :) ) and to work with textile and paper. When I am traveling I try to do things as the locals (never managed to perfectly), so I think there are others who so wish. We have this flat for a future stay, but until this we are pleased to recommend it for visitors who prefer this flat instead of hotel room. :)
Your hobbies
Sewing, drawing, painting, weaving.

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October 2017

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