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Holiday Estates B.
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Brno, Prague
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Dmytro G.
Dmytro G.
Before 6 months ago
Everything was just fine
Věra V.
Věra V.
Before 6 months ago
Ubytování bylo úžasné, stejně jako velmi vstřícný a transparentní přístup paní Havlíkové, která zastupovala ubytovatele. Jsme nadšení naprosto vším.
Petr Š.
Petr Š.
Before a year ago
Spolupráce s majitelem bezproblémová, příjemné jednání, rychlá odpověď. Byt má svoje mouchy (myčka, jedno ze světel), ale rozloha a poloha v centru jsou prostě skvělé.
Jana P.
Jana P.
Before a year ago
Tl;dr: breathtaking incompetence and rudeness from manager at Bohemian Estates. Flat itself OK but very dark, uncomfortably furnished and not very secure.

We experienced a very poor level of service from Bohemian Estates throughout our stay. Here are three examples.

1. On our first day in the flat we reported that the microwave and the extractor fan needed fixing, and that we wanted a second set of keys. The repairs (within 24hrs) and the keys (next working day) are mandated by the contract.

In six weeks staying at the flat, no attempt was ever made to repair the extractor fan. The microwave was replaced after two weeks, when we asked Flatio to intervene. The second set of keys was delivered after 11 days.

2. Given our dismal experience with the above necessary repairs, we took care of the following ourselves.

a) Mop broken and missing its head,
b) Hoover dismantled and with a single, full, disposable bag,
c) Main ceiling light, designed for circa 16 lightbulbs, has only four,
d) Dishwasher empty of salt and rinse aid (neither provided),
e) Glass-topped table cracked,
f) Shower leaks terribly due to ineffective door seal.

3. Our agent at Bohemian Estates was very rude. For instance:

a) Repeatedly (falsely) accused us of breaking the microwave (see above),
b) Showed up completely unannounced at our door with a client to view our flat,
c) When we refused the above viewing, we suggested a different time to which she never showed,
d) When we inquired about another one of her properties, she repeatedly changed the rental price. When we inquired as to why, she first accused us of misremembering. Then, she admitted that she was unable to remember the rental prices of the 25 properties under her management.

Should it interest the reader, we have the full transcript of our WhatsApp conversations with the agent in question. These verify all points in 1. and 3. We sought to complain to her superior at the company, but found that (according to Bohemian Estates’ website) she has sole charge of their entire Brno short-term letting operation.

Finally, a security concern unrelated to Bohemian Estates. The flat is situated on the ground floor, low enough that passers-by can easily look - or even climb - in through the only exterior window. Compounding this, the building is situated next to a nightclub and a park - which, whilst beautiful, is frequented by large numbers of homeless beggars. On multiple occasions (even with restricted opening hours due to Covid-19) we encountered beggars and revellers leaning in through the flat window while we were inside. High vigilance is therefore required when staying at the flat, particularly in warmer months.

Based on our experience, we can happily recommend Flatio but warn strongly against Bohemian Estates.
Matic K.
Matic K.
Before 2 years ago
The flat is located in a very nice location in the old city. It is within walking distance to all the nice places. It is also very close to the tram and restaurants. The flat is also very spacious. Our only problem with the flat was with the cleanliness especially the cleanliness of the kitchenware. In short we had to clean all of the kitchenware before we could use it.


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