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Jozef H.
Neighborhood hero
Experienced host
Neighborhood hero
Experienced host
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Ali F.
Ali F.
Before a month ago
It was so clean.
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Amani A.
Before 3 years ago
Lea Katharina K.
Lea Katharina K.
Before 3 years ago
Jozef and his family were always kind and able to be flexible if needed. I really enjoyed staying at the apartment and can totally recommend it!


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About me
I have been renting properties from 2010. And I had always good luck for good tenants. This flat is new and placed int the building named Nicola House, which was in 2015 awarded as the building of the year in Slovakia in its category . I always try to create cosy environment for potential guest and everything is designed as if it would be prepared for me and my family.

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May 2018

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