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Máté V.
Neighborhood hero
Experienced host
Neighborhood hero
Experienced host
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Alexandra V.
Alexandra V.
Before 4 months ago
Stayed a full month. The location was very good! My only problem was that the apartment didn’t have a vacuum and a few essentials in the kitchen such as a chopping board. Other than these it was a very good apartment.
Vivien Eva A.
Vivien Eva A.
Before 3 months ago
Nagyon jo volt minden!!
Zsombor L.
Zsombor L.
Before a month ago
Minden megfeleloen ment, azt kaptuk amit vartunk.


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About me
I was living in this flat with my wife for 5 years, then we moved to another place and used the flat for airbnb. Now it is available for mid-term tenants :)

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December 2020

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