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Luis d
Luis d.
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Neighborhood hero
Experienced host
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Florian C.
Florian C.
Before 3 months ago
The flat was a huge and absolutely good surprise.
The room and the bathroom were bigger than expected and really clean. Also, the desk is perfect if you are a digital nomad and/or need a good place to work on.
The kitchen has everything you need if you want to store your food or cook.
Finally, the view of the church and Alfama was a pleasure every day!

Regarding the landlord, Luis, it was a pleasure to meet him!
Very professional and chill, he is a nice person who really cares for his residents and makes you feel at home.
Camila R.
Camila R.
Before 2 months ago
Spacious room, with a large window and a great view of the national pantheon, it has a comfortable desk, very convenient for remote work. Good ventilation and lighting, comfortable bathroom. And it is located in a very good location, in the historical center but at the same time very close to the Apolonia station where you can use the metro or the train,


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About me
I have been working on this area of rentals since 2016, so I have a bit of experience in all situations. At this moment I'm opening this guest house with 7 rooms, in a wonderful location and my intentions is to rent two rooms in monthly bases and the other five rooms on short-rentals.
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Arts in general.

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