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Hua T.
Neighborhood hero
Budapest, Athens
Neighborhood hero
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Nice studio flat near Blaha

Rated on: 28.10.2021 Length of stay: 5 days

Terrible and the landlord was so impolite and rude


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farnaz p.

Landlord not rated
Accommodation not rated
Neighborhood safety not rated
Services nearby not rated
Public transport

Nice studio flat near Blaha

Rated on: 16.10.2021 Length of stay: 16 days

Nice studio with excellent public transport access.

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Andrea M.

Neighborhood safety
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Public transport


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About me
Hello, I'm Hua, was born in China, did my study in France, and lived in Berlin, Budapest and Athens. like to travel and meet interesting peoples. I'm usually quite relaxed, but still well organized and tidy, and like to keep flat in good condition. hope you are same.

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August 2021

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