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Duplex penthouse 500 meters downtown

3 people
1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
53 m2
avg. 1 700 
/ 30 days
incl. utilities and internet
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Flat for rent - Alicante

Duplex apartment 500m from the geographical center of the city and the leisure area / night, 50 MB fiber wifi, 40 LED TV. Furniture and modern decoration. A bedroom with a double bed, a sofa bed for 1 person, 35m2 solarium upstairs private. Views of the castle of Santa Barbara. TRAM stop (Alicante tram) 1 minute walk. Bus line stop that leads to the airport at 100 meters.

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Internet speed for your remote work or entertainment


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N/A Mbps

The landlord has not filled the internet speed yet. Ask them to clarify this.

Basic furniture
Dining table
Coffee table
Walk-in closet
Laundry essentials & Linen supplies
Fully prepared beds
Washing machine
Dryer machine
Ironing board
Clothes drying rack
Cleaning options
Sponge for dishes
Dishwashing liquid
Cleaning cloth
All-purpose cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Robotic vacuum cleaner
Regular cleaning service (included in rent)
Kitchen essentials
Utilities for eating
Utilities for cooking
Microwave oven
Dish washer
Electric kettle
Coffee maker
Electronic devices
Air conditioning
Mobile air conditioning
Apple TV
Water heater (boiler)
Slow cooker
Gas cooker
Wine cooler
Ice maker
Other gaming console
Robotic lawn mover
Lawn mover
Building matters
Central heating
Electric heating
Something for the kids
Baby crib
Bed for children
High chair
Electronic babysitter
Breath monitor
Toilet seat
Baby bath
Changing table
Playground (outdoor)
Security features
Security lock
Security enter door
Smoke detector
CO detector
Standard door lock
Mosquito net
Window insect screens
First-aid kit
Subscriptions (included in price)
Cable TV
Amazon Prime
Apple TV+
YouTube TV
Something little bit extra
Swimming pool
Wooden barrel hot tub
Jetted whirlpool hot tub (jacuzzi)
Wheelchair access
Shower grab bar
Shower seat
Shower chair
Stair lift
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Rooms and equipment
Living room icon
Living room
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Rental conditions
Average rent per 30 days
1 700 
Utilities and internet
Included in the rent
Rental length
Minimal rent length
5 days
Maximal rent length
14 days
Available from
Smoking forbidden
Animals forbidden
Parties not allowed
Move-in and move-out times
Move-in time
Move-out time
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Dealing with Luis Sancho was a bad experience for me. I won't tell what kind of person he is because, I think, he behaves differently with different persons. I will tell what happen so you decide what to expect from Luis Sancho.
* The first day (handover of the apartment) He didn´t know what Flatio Platform advise to do like fill and sign the Handover Certificate, and was very upset to do it.
* He didn´t know where his apartment's water and electricity meters were and how to download the Handover Certificate.
* He was aware that due to his lack of knowledge the completion of the Handover Certificate was delayed. He also did know that I've had payed the first rent thru Flatio's Platform 45 days before that day. Even so, he pressure me to notify Flatio to immediately transfer the money for the first rent to his bank account.
* He told us: "You are already living in my apartment and you haven't transfer any money to my bank account."
* He also said "I can't wait for these 3 months to pass, to see you out of my apartment."
* Near the end of the contract, I requested him to takeover the apartment 3 days before the last day of the contract. He asked for an appointment to check the apartment before the actual date of the handover, but he didn't show up.
* When he showed up for the handover appointment, from the moment he walked in, he expressed himself about me in a very derogatory way. He said the word "shit" at least 3 times. * Knowing that I had to take a train in an hour, he asked me to pay him in that moment 200 € in cash (170 € for a new head board of the bed + 30 € for the cleaning). he told me he won't let me go until I pay that to him.
* The head board of the bed had only loose one screw and the lining on the back tore
about 1 cm.
* He also blamed me about a floor trim that detached and that rose about 1 cm high.
* He complain about the cleaning and about some things that were out of place:
* He left the apartment very upset. Then, I don't know why, he came back.
* I lost the train but stay and fix the two minor damages (Headboard of the bed and floor trim), put all things in its place, swept and mop the floor, etc. until the apartment WAS AS CLEAN AS HE HANDOVER TO ME.
* In the afternoon, that same day, I texted Luis Sancho thru flatio and to his cell phone and also called him asking for an appointment for him to takeover the apartment. He didn't answer me or showed up for the appointment. After the appointment time, he sent a message to Flatio but didn't told me anything related to re-schedule the appointment.
* That same day I tried to re-schedule the appointment but he repeated the same behavior; He didn't went to the appointment, waited after the time of the appointment to sent me wrote a message that said nothing of an appointment to takeover the apartment.
* That last message he sent to me, thru Flatio, was a long list of complains describing how I gave the apartment to him. The reality is that I didn't gave the apartment that day and when I have the apartment, like he wanted it to be, he decided not to showed up to take it over from me.
* He also create an amendment at Flatio platform charging me 100 € (50 € for the cleaning and 50 € for two days for an extra bed and lining). I left the apartment as clean as I receive it and there was no extra person on those dates. That amendment doesn´t apply. He didn't knew that an amendment is an agreement between the parts and that lessor can't create it unilaterally.
* In that message he mentioned that I deteriorate his apartment.
* My opinion is that the apartment had old furniture and equipment that is made from plastic and that had being under water (toilet part) and under the sun and rain (chairs, table, etc on the terrace) and they had become brittle and crumbling. So, with the normal and adequate use, from one moment to the other, they break or stop working fine.
* That happen to me with the toilet part, it stopped sealing the passage of water from the tank to he bowl (the plumber explain that to me and I read it on the reviews of that part of the toilet).
* Surely it would happen to the next guest with another furniture or part.
* He also mentioned that a disproportionate use of the electricity but I never get over the limit stablished by Flatio. He suggested I have to use the same as a neighbour, probably, that neighbour eats and stays outside he's home most of the day.
* He wrote "Confirm me the amendment, and we end with this nightmare."
* In fact it's a nightmare to deal with a man that acted that great scene to take advantage of the fact that I was alone and that I didn't want to loose the train. All to take more money from me. Even when I left the apartment like he wanted he insisted to charge me for something I'd already done (cleaning) and services I didn't used (2 days of extra bed).-
____________________________________________________________________If you´re interested I wrote more details of the issues Luis Sancho claimed from me.
LIST OF ISSUES That Luis Sacho CLAIMED FROM ME and I ACOMPLISHED before I GIVE BACK the apartment to him.
I Gave the apartment AS CLEAN AS I RECEIVE IT.
* The head board of the bed had only loose one screw and the lining at the back tore about 1 cm. THAT SAME DAY I FIXED IT.
* The floor trim that detached and that rose about 1 cm. THAT SAME DAY I FIXED IT.
-Since I received the apartment that floor trim had glue stains all along it's edge. That proves that it had being glued before and, while I was living there, it detached.
-Since I received the apartment the floor of the apartment was, in general, already ruined. It was stained, scratched, scraped off, etc.
- Also, under the dining room table, there's floor of two different types and colors.
* The cleaning
- That day I didn't mop the floor. I DID IT while he was there complaining. Then I HAD SWEPT AND MOPPED 2 MORE TIMES.
- I forgot to throw away 2 boxes an 3 bottles from the refrigerator. I DID IT while he was there complaining
* I LEFT the apartment as CLEAN AS I RECEIVE IT.
* It can be said that I left it cleaner because while I lived there I clean all the dirt that was accumulated for years in the kitchen (the grease on the top of the refrigerator and cabinet and inside the oven) and mold in the shower. Fixed the shower door that had loosed screws.
* The things that were out of place:
- I put the table on the living room as a coffee table and not as an end table. THAT SAME DAY I PUT that table as a END TABLE .
- Washed linens and hang them on the gazebo (made of strong metal) to dry in the sun. THAT SAME DAY I waited until the BED LINENS were dry, FOLDED and put them in the CLOSET.
- Dishes on the dish drainer. THAT SAME DAY I DRIED AND PUT them ON THE GABINETS.
- Plastic bag with cleaning stuff for him to check if he wants them. THAT SAME DAY I THROW IT AWAY.
- Carton box, for him to check, with stuff that were in the apartment when I received it (almost expired food and shabby pans). THAT SAME DAY I RETURNED THEM TO THE KITCHEN CABINETS.
* I LEFT the apartment as ORGANIZED AS I RECEIVE IT.
LIST OF ISSUES That Luis Sancho CLAIMED FROM ME and I DIDN'T ACOMPLISHED before I GIVE BACK the apartment to him.
* I left the microwave oven out of it's place. I needed more space for cooking and somebody help me move it. It was to heavy for me to put it back on it's place. I was afraid to dropped it.
* I left the textile part of the gazebo on it, not in the bedroom closet, I needed the space. I installed them properly once but the wind was so strong that the gazebo nearly take off, was very dangerous. Luis Sancho should have warned me of the danger, the metal structure is not fixed to the floor.
* A crack of about 2 cm. long in the outdoor chair. I only used those chairs for it's purpose, to sit down. Those outdoor chairs are made from plastic, had being under the sun and the rain for at least 7 years (There's 2016 pictures of the apartment on the internet). Now they don't even have their cushions (they are very uncomfortable). Beside that, the wind is so strong that it moves the chairs all around and they collide between them and hit the walls.
* Toilet part the plumber told me it was not my fault.
People are very kind and friendly. I felt secure walking even at night. Everything you need is at walking distance. And if you need to go somewhere farthest on the city the public transport is at a walking distance too.
Recommended places nearby
Santa Bàrbara's Cattle and the beaches are beautiful places.
Rated on: 10.02.2023
Length of stay: 3 months
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Last updated 15 hours ago
About landlord
Luis S. 2
On Flatio since October 2020
Alquilando desde el 2018 , trato y limpieza profesional es un apartamento dedicado exclusivamente a alquiler sin objetos personales , decorado de forma impersonal , sensación de hotel.
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Public transport is 2 minutes by walk. Also check out the availability of other nearby services.
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The minimum lease length is 5 days. See other conditions of rental.
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The maximum lease length is set to 14 days. See other conditions of rental.
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