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For tenants · 15. october 2017 · 2 minute

Flat 1+kk or 2+1? How to understand Czech real estate terminology

What does "1+kk" or "2+1" exactly mean? It is a traditional Czech terminology for designation of disposition of the apartments. You can see it in every Czech real estate advertisement. In the Czech Republic, we do not have two-bedroom apartments or studios. Well, if you are going to that small state in the heart of Europe for a few months, you should know this terminology and understand what does it mean.

At first it is necessary to say that the disposition of the apartment does not tell anything about its size. Apartment 1+1 can be as large as 3+1. Such a label informs us about the number of rooms and how does the kitchen look like.

The first number indicates how many rooms are in the apartment. However, such a room must have at least 8m². This room can be a bedroom, a living room, a children's room or even a dining room. The second number or label refers to a separate kitchen (+1) or a kitchenette (+kk). If the kitchen has a window and is separated from the rest of the apartment by walls, it is a separate kitchen (+1). The smallest apartment, which is legally resident, must have at least 16 m² if it is a separate room.


An apartment 1+kk consists of a single room, where is also a kitchenette (in Czech: kuchyňský kout = kk). The room serves as a bedroom, a living room, a dining room and a kitchen. The hall, bathroom and toilet stand separately. Sometimes you can see a label 1+0, which means that there is no kitchen or kitchenette. There is usually only a sink or an electric cooker.


An apartment 1+1 consists of one room and kitchen, which is in a separated room. "Garsoniéra (Garsonka)” We could say also studio apartment. It is the original designation of a one-room apartment that served as bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, and also bathroom and toilet. Nowadays, a separate sanitary facility is common in all the apartments, so this designation rather means 1+kk or 1+0 flats.


Apartments 2+kk are very popular to let. This type of an apartment consists of two rooms. One room also includes a kitchenette, which have to be little bit separated from the rest of this room – a partition, a wall or a niche. Otherwise, it would be a flat 1+1. Landlords and real estate brokers too often confuse larger flats 1+1 for 2+kk, because they have the impression that if the second room have a kitchen corner and a sofa with TV, it should 2+kk. Most people do so unconsciously, but others know that 2+kk is more expensive than 1+1.


Apartments 2+1 consist of two rooms. the kitchen is in another room, which is separated from other rooms by walls and doors.

Analogously, we could continue to label 2+kk, 3+1, 4+kk, 4+1 and so on.

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