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For landlords · 12. november 2017 · 1 minute

#3 Landlords Manual: How to set a price for medium-term rentals

Long-term, short-term or even medium-term rentals do not only vary in length but are also different in the rental price. The type of rental that lasts less time should be logically more expensive. So how do you set a price for your medium-term rental? Let's look at that.

If you would like to determine the right price for a medium-term rental, proceed on the basis of long-term rental price for your flat in the given location. In fact, medium-term rentals are similar to long-term ones in terms of maintenance costs or time consumption. So, if you were counting the rent on the basis of the rental price for short-term rent, you would probably have raised it so much that your apartment was not very interested for potential tenants.

Two steps to set the price

1) Find out what is the normal price for long-term rent in the location of your apartment. Search for similar offers on different real estate servers or look at price maps, which may not always be up to date. After that, think about what are the pros and cons of your apartment and increase or decrease the price accordingly.

2) Increase your rental price by 25–30% and that's all.

If you are not still sure about the right medium-term rental price for your apartment, check out similar offers at and compare prices with yours.

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