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A guide to cost of living in Lisbon Portugal (house prices, rent, utilities, food, healthcare, education, transportation, and more)

7. april 2024 · 9 minute

Lisbon is a popular choice for people moving and looking for apartments for rent in Portugal, like digital nomads and retirees, because of its great weather, beautiful landscape, nice buildings, good quality of life, friendly locals, and lively expat community

Plus, it's cheaper to live in the Portuguese capital compared to other big cities in Europe, which attracts people from places like the United States and Western Europe where things are usually more expensive.

If you're thinking about moving to Lisbon, it's important to understand the cost of living.

That means knowing how much you might spend on things like rent, healthcare and everyday items. That's why we put together this guide, which covers:

Is Lisbon an expensive city?

Are you wondering: How expensive is Lisbon? What is the cost of living in Portugal? Is Lisbon cheap to live? 

Living in Portugal as an expat has many advantages, especially because it's affordable compared to other Western European countries. 

The average cost of living in Lisbon, including housing, food, and transportation, is the lowest in Western Europe. Despite being inexpensive, Portugal maintains a high quality of life.

That said, it's important to consider the lower average salary in Portugal, which might affect overall affordability if you work for a Portuguese employer. The current minimum wage in Portugal is €820 per month. 

As the capital city, Lisbon is generally more expensive than other cities in Portugal. However, it offers good value for money in many areas. 

Public transportation in Lisbon and dining out, for example, are relatively cheap. Moreover, Lisbon provides free primary education and has an accessible and affordable public healthcare system. 

General overview of cost of life Lisbon

Is Lisbon expensive? According to data sourced from Numbeo, here’s a summary of the cost of living per month for 2024:

  • For a family of four, the estimated monthly expenses amount to approximately €2,547.7, excluding rent. 
  • For a single person, the estimated monthly expenses come to around €725.3, excluding rent.

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Cost of homes in Lisbon

Metropolitan Lisbon is the most expensive area for buying a house in Portugal, with an average price of €337 per square foot

Cost of rent in Lisbon

How much are apartments for rent in Lisbon? The average rent in Portugal has increased recently.

Depending on factors such as the length of the rental contract and the costs included in it, you may see different rental prices for accommodation in Lisbon on different online platforms. 

Typically, prices for a 1 bedroom apartment for rent in Lisbon usually begin at €1,200 per month. In sought-after neighborhoods like the city center, prices can exceed €1,500 per month

To give you a general idea of rent prices, here are some price ranges for properties on Flatio with utilities and Wi-Fi included: 

  • Private room in Lisbon central area: Starting at €400
  • Studio/T0 apartment in central Lisbon: Starting at €1,400 
  • A T1 apartment near the city center: Starting at €1,500 
  • A riverview penthouse: Starting at €1,800

Utilities: average monthly expenses

The monthly expenses for an 85 m² apartment, including basic utilities like water, electricity, heating, and rubbish collection, usually total around €110. In comparison, the same services in the UK usually cost over €200.

Moreover, mobile phone plans in Portugal are usually around €25 per month, which includes a decent amount of mobile data. Prepaid mobile tariffs average around €0.16 per minute, similar to rates in the United States.

Grocery prices

How much does food cost in Lisbon? You'll be glad to hear that food is quite cheap in Lisbon overall. If you plan to spend between €300 to €400 each month, you should be able to manage well. Meat, fish, vegetables, and fresh fruit are all reasonably priced and of good quality.

Daily essentials  Average price
Milk (regular), (1 liter) €0.75
Loaf of white bread (500g) €1.00
Rice (white), (1kg) €1.02
Eggs (regular) (12) €2.08
Local cheese (1kg) €7.59
Chicken filets (1kg) €4.94
Beef round (1kg) €8.95
Apples (1kg) €1.76
Banana (1kg) €1.04
Oranges (1kg) €1.26
Tomato (1kg) €1.71
Bottle of wine (mid-range) €4.00
Domestic beer (0.5-liter bottle) €1.02
Imported Beer (0.33-liter bottle) €1.89

Grocery prices in Lisbon

Eating out: Average meal price in Lisbon

Are you curious about the average meal cost in Lisbon? Eating out in Lisbon is relatively affordable and there's something for everyone. Portuguese people love dining out, so it's a great way to experience local culture and connect with the community.

You'll find all kinds of eateries here, from cozy family-run spots called tascas serving traditional Portuguese dishes like Bacalhau and grilled sardines, to upscale restaurants. Lisbon also has a thriving brunch scene and plenty of international restaurants popping up everywhere.

The cost of dining out varies. You can grab a meal at a cheap restaurant for around €10, but you can also find tasca lunches with coffee and dessert included for about €7 or €8.

A mid-range meal with wine will cost around €20. Luxury restaurants charge international prices, and Lisbon has several Michelin-starred options worth trying.

Whether you want a relaxing coffee in the morning, a quick lunch, or to explore new cuisines, Lisbon has you covered. The city is always welcoming new and innovative restaurants.

Beer price in Lisbon 

This section is for you if you want to know the answer to questions like: How much is a pint of beer in Lisbon? 

The average price for a pint of beer in Lisbon ranges from €1.50 to €3.50, depending on the establishment and the area. 

Transportation costs in Lisbon

How much is public transport in Lisbon? What is the price of petrol in Lisbon? What is the taxi in Lisbon cost? What is the cost of taxi from Lisbon airport to city center?  

Monthly pass and petrol prices 

Getting around Portugal is quite inexpensive. For just €40 a month, you can get a pass that lets you use different types of public transport, including buses, trains, trams, and boats, both within and outside Lisbon

Petrol prices start at €1.50 per liter, and new cars are around €5,000 cheaper than in many other European countries.

Taxi in Lisbon 

Taxis are relatively affordable within the cities. However, Uber and Bolt usually offer significantly cheaper prices.

The cost of a metered taxi ride depends on how far away your destination is and what time of day you are travelling. Prices for cab rides in Lisbon increase by 20% at night between 21:00 and 06:00.

  • Minimum fare – day: €3.25
  • Price per km – day: €0.47
  • Minimum fare – night: €3.90
  • Price per km – night: €0.56

Remember that in addition to these basic prices for taxis in Lisbon, there are additional charges, e.g. for luggage (€1.60), one hour waiting time (€14.80), every minute in a traffic jam (€0.25), pets (€1.60) and telephone reservations (€0.80).

Taxi from airport to city center 

Lisbon Airport is located inside the city limits, within a 7-km/4.3-mile distance from Lisbon downtown.

So the price of a taxi ride, not including luggage and traffic, starts at around €7 during the day.

Taxi from Lisbon airport to city center

Want to know more about other Portuguese cities? 

You can discover travel guides and details about destinations across Portugal, beyond Lisbon, on our website.

Cost of healthcare in Lisbon

In Portugal, healthcare is well-regarded and mostly free for residents and citizens, with only minor fees required. 

For those using the healthcare system, certain procedures like emergency room visits, diagnostic tests, or specialist appointments have affordable fees. Routine checkups are also part of the cost of living in Lisbon, typically priced around €40 for a medical exam, and medical procedures start at €5.

Public healthcare is generally cheaper than private options, but private insurance is also affordable and often used alongside the public system. 

A private doctor's appointment typically costs between €20 and €30.

Private health insurance starts at €400 per year, while more comprehensive coverage can cost around €1,000 annually.

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Cost of leisure and entertainment in Lisbon

Lisbon offers a variety of leisure and entertainment options at prices that are generally lower than in other major European cities. Here are some estimates for the cost of leisure and entertainment in Lisbon:


  • Ticket prices are usually around €8.


  • You can enjoy live music at small bars for €10-€15 or open-air concerts for free or at an affordable price.
  • Historic venues like Coliseu dos Recreios offer performances for €20-€30.
  • Classical music events range from €15 chamber music recitals to symphony orchestras.
  • Genre-specific events are priced between €15-€30, with festival day passes starting at €20.

Sports events:

  • Soccer games at Estádio da Luz start from €20-€30.
  • Portuguese basketball games at Pavilhão João Lobo are similarly priced.

Gym memberships:

  • Monthly fees range from €30-40, offering access to modern equipment and various workout options including cardio, strength training, yoga and swimming.

Cost of leisure and entertainment in Lisbon

Childcare costs in Lisbon

In Lisbon, you'll find childcare options to suit different budgets. Public daycare starts at about €200 per month, which is affordable for many families.

If you prefer more individualized care, private options can cost between €500 and €700.

For occasional outings, babysitting services typically charge €10-€15 per hour. Keep in mind that availability and prices may vary across the city, so it's important to do your research.

Educational costs in Lisbon

Public education in Portugal is free for citizens and legal residents, offering a good standard of education. However, if you prefer private schooling, it can cost between €800 and €1,500 per month for primary to high school, excluding book fees and enrollment charges.

Alternatively, you can consider international schools in Lisbon, which offer various excellent options. These schools typically charge around €1,500 per month on average, but costs may differ depending on the school. Additional expenses like enrollment fees and books should also be taken into account.

Cost of living in Lisbon for students

When comparing universities, public ones are cheaper than private ones. Public universities have a fee limit that can vary each year, with the current maximum fee being almost €900 per academic year.

On the other hand, private universities typically cost around €3,000 per year on average. Additionally, the cost of living for students in Lisbon is often lower compared to other countries.

Clothing and personal care costs

In Lisbon, you'll find fashion options for every taste and budget. Basic tops usually cost between €20 and €30, and jeans are priced at a reasonable €50-€70.

Footwear varies from affordable €30 sneakers to more expensive designer options, giving you plenty of choices. Personal care products typically fall within the European average. 

Extra costs

Additional expenses contribute to your overall living expenses. Household basics like cleaning supplies and toiletries generally align with European averages. Occasionally, electronics purchases might be a bit pricier, so it's wise to look out for local deals.

Furnishing your home involves exploring flea markets and design stores, where items like lamps and rugs start around €50-€100. When estimating your monthly costs, consider occasional weekend trips or unexpected appliance repairs, and plan accordingly.

Lisbon expat cost of living

Living as an expatriate in Lisbon, Portugal, isn't significantly more expensive than it is for Portuguese residents. With its relatively low cost of living compared to other European cities, expats can find affordable housing, dining, transportation, and leisure activities.

The city's culinary scene, convenient public transportation, and cultural offerings make it an attractive destination for expats seeking an excellent quality of life in Europe.

Lisbon expat cost of living

Would you like to find out more about Portugal?

On our website, you can explore a range of subjects concerning Portugal, including:

Cost of living Lisbon vs Porto

The following comparison of cost of living between Lisbon and Porto is based on data sourced from Numbeo:

  • Consumer prices in Porto are 9.7% lower than in Lisbon (excluding rent).
  • Consumer prices including rent in Porto are 17.1% lower than in Lisbon.
  • Rent prices in Porto are 28.8% lower than in Lisbon.
  • Restaurant prices in Porto are 20.4% lower than in Lisbon.
  • Grocery prices in Porto are 4.4% lower than in Lisbon.
  • Local purchasing power in Porto is 38.4% higher than in Lisbon.

Cost of living Lisbon vs London

The following comparison of cost of living between Lisbon and London is based on data sourced from Numbeo:

  • Consumer prices in London are 57.3% higher than in Lisbon (excluding rent).
  • Consumer prices including rent in London are 73.7% higher than in Lisbon.
  • Rent prices in London are 99.9% higher than in Lisbon.
  • Restaurant prices in London are 71.2% higher than in Lisbon.
  • Grocery prices in London are 43.2% higher than in Lisbon.
  • Local purchasing power in London is 86.6% higher than in Lisbon.

Lisbon cost of living vs US

Let’s explore the cost of living in Lisbon compared to US, using New York as an example. The following comparison of cost of living between Lisbon and New York, NY is based on data sourced from Numbeo:

  • Consumer prices in New York, NY are 99.0% higher than in Lisbon (excluding rent).
  • Consumer prices including rent in New York, NY are 131.0% higher than in Lisbon.
  • Rent prices in New York, NY are 181.5% higher than in Lisbon.
  • Restaurant prices in New York, NY are 119.9% higher than in Lisbon.
  • Grocery prices in New York, NY are 121.6% higher than in Lisbon.
  • Local purchasing power in New York, NY is 104.8% higher than in Lisbon.

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[Sources: Global Citizen Solutions [1], Global Citizen Solutions [2], Numbeo, Welcome Pickups] 

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