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A guide to Erasmus+ Programme + Erasmus accommodation (application, popular student cities and neighborhoods, and more)

16. january 2024 · 10 minute

Erasmus+ is a highly successful program of the European Union that has been contributing to cultural exchange and global peace since 1987. Whether you're enrolling at a university or working in a Higher Education Institution, you have the opportunity to participate in Erasmus+ activities. 

This guide aims to provide answers to commonly asked questions about the Erasmus+ Programme and Erasmus accommodation for students. 

Why is it called Erasmus?

The program is named after the Dutch philosopher Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam. Additionally, Erasmus stands for the European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students.

What is the "plus" in Erasmus+?

The "plus" signifies the expansion of the program's focus. While the original Erasmus Programme (2009-2013) concentrated on student and staff mobility between universities, the Erasmus+ Programme (2014-2020) included opportunities for vocational students, apprentices, teachers, youth workers, and volunteers. 

The program is still running, and the 2021-2027 version places a strong focus on social inclusion, the green and digital transitions, and promoting young people’s participation in democratic life.

How does Erasmus+ work?

Erasmus+ is the EU's program supporting education, training, youth, and sport in Europe. Managed by the European Commission and various agencies, it involves National Agencies in Program countries and National Offices in some Partner countries.

Objectives and features

The program is aimed at supporting sustainable development in Partner countries, enhancing the European dimension in sport, promoting European values, and fostering multilingualism. Other features include skills and qualification recognition, open access to project outputs, and promoting equity and inclusion.

Key actions and projects

Erasmus+ implements three key actions:

  • Mobility of individuals
  • cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices
  • support for policy reform

Additionally, it supports initiatives such as Jean Monnet Activities and the European Week of Sport.

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Applying for Erasmus+

Eligibility criteria

Participation in the Erasmus+ Programme is not exclusive to students from the European Union. Both individuals and organizations can engage in the program, although most individuals need to apply through participating organizations. 

Eligibility is contingent on the country of residence, divided into two categories: Programme countries and Partner countries.

While Programme countries have access to all Erasmus+ actions, Partner countries are limited to specific actions and are subject to certain conditions

The list of eligible countries can be checked here to determine eligibility for participation.

How to apply

To apply, contact the International or Erasmus+ Office of your Higher Education Institution. After selection, you'll sign a Grant Agreement with your sending institution and a Learning Agreement with both sending and receiving institutions.

Number of participants

From its inception in 1987, Erasmus+ has grown to become one of the most popular EU programs. Over 9 million participants have benefited, and each year, more than 300,000 students study or train under Erasmus+.

Online Language Support

Erasmus+ provides Online Language Support (OLS) for participants in long-term mobility activities, offering language assessment and optional online language courses.

Benefits of Erasmus+

Importance of the program

Erasmus+ is crucial for personal and academic growth. It enables a unique international experience, facilitating intercultural contacts, language learning, and personal development.

Since its inception, the program has equipped participants with skills essential for the modern labor market.


Erasmus+ enhances students' quality of life and career prospects. Studies show that 80% of Erasmus+ graduates are employed within three months of graduation, and 72% credit their Erasmus+ experience for landing their first job.

Multiple participations

Participants can engage in Erasmus+ multiple times, with opportunities for study periods or traineeships during each study cycle:

  • Bachelor
  • Master
  • doctoral candidate

Specific Erasmus+ activities

Youth Exchanges

Youth Exchanges bring young people from different countries together for short-term shared projects (5-21 days), encouraging collaboration and cultural understanding.


#DiscoverEU provides travel passes to explore European cultural diversity with a focus on connections and freedom of movement for eligible 18-year-olds.

European Solidarity Corps

Related to Erasmus+, the European Solidarity Corps supports volunteering and work projects benefiting communities across Europe for participants aged 18-30.

Role of Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

ESN, the largest student association in Europe, plays a vital role in supporting international students. With over 15,000 volunteers, ESN facilitates academic, social, and practical integration, creating a more mobile and flexible education environment.

For more detailed information, visit the Erasmus+ website. 

Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

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Erasmus housing

An Erasmus experience is an exciting chapter in a student's life, promising cultural immersion, academic growth, and lasting memories. One pivotal aspect of this adventure is securing suitable accommodation.

In the following sections you will find some information about Erasmus student accommodation that will give potential participants an insight.

Importance of choosing the right accommodation

The significance of selecting appropriate housing cannot be overstated. It directly impacts your overall experience, academic performance, and well-being during your Erasmus program. 

Whether you choose university-managed accommodation, private apartments for rent or a shared room, it's important that you have the right information to ensure a pleasant and enriching stay.

Flatio for students 

Before we talk more about student housing, we’d like to share with you why Flatio is a great choice for students.

The main reason is that it is generally not easy to find accommodation for less than a year at a reasonable price. But Flatio allows students with study periods of several months to book flexible stays, on a short, medium, or long-term basis.

Here are some of the highlights of Flatio’s features and services:

  • Flexible stays (rooms, flats, houses), starting from 5 days
  • Deposit-free policy
  • Balanced, legally binding, visa-friendly lease agreement (translated into multiple languages) 
  • A very attractive cancelation policy
  • Online signing of lease agreement 
  • Utilities and Wi-Fi included
  • StayProtection for Tenants, a service package to help tenants deal with emergencies such as internet problems and blocked doors, as well as accidental damage to property
  • Move-in Guarantee with a 24/7 emergency line
  • 100% money protection
  • Customer support available every day of the week
  • No hidden fees
  • A secure and simple payment system (including the possibility to pay with Bitcoin)

Read more about Flatio’s unique features and services on our website. Now let’s discuss Erasmus student accommodation in detail.

Types of Erasmus student housing

Erasmus university accommodation

University-managed accommodation is a viable option in terms of convenience and proximity to academic institutions. While advantages of Erasmus university student housing include institutional support and potential cost savings, drawbacks may involve limited availability and less independence compared to private housing.

Erasmus rooms

Opting for shared rooms provides a unique social experience, promoting camaraderie among housemates. Pros encompass shared expenses and a built-in social circle.

However, considerations such as differing lifestyles and potential conflicts over shared spaces may be challenges.

Erasmus apartments and houses 

For those desiring greater independence, apartments and houses present a compelling choice. Renting a private apartment allows for more autonomy and personalized living arrangements.

Yet, potential downsides involve higher costs and potential isolation from fellow Erasmus participants.

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Pros and cons summarized

Erasmus university housing

  • Pros: Proximity to campus, potential university services.
  • Cons: Limited availability, potentially higher costs.

Erasmus rooms

  • Pros: Social experience, shared living.
  • Cons: Lifestyle differences, potential privacy issues.

Erasmus apartments and houses 

  • Pros: Independence, autonomy.
  • Cons: Higher costs, potential isolation.

erasmus accommodation, flats, apartments for students

Factors to consider when choosing Erasmus housing


Location plays a key role in your overall experience. Consider proximity to the university, accessibility to public transportation, and the neighborhood's safety.

A balance between convenience and cultural immersion is key.


Financial considerations are crucial when selecting accommodation. Analyze the cost of living in various areas, explore different housing options, and plan your budget accordingly.

Seek financial advice to ensure a comfortable stay without straining your finances.

Duration of stay

Evaluate your intended length of stay. Some accommodations come with flexible contract options, allowing you to tailor your housing arrangement to the duration of your Erasmus program.

This flexibility ensures that your housing aligns with your academic calendar.


Consider the amenities provided by different housing options and the utilities included in the lease agreement.

Furnished accommodations may alleviate the stress of moving, while facilities like laundry, communal spaces, and internet connectivity contribute to a comfortable living environment. 

Tips for securing Erasmus housing

Early planning

Start looking for accommodation early to secure preferred options. This way you have a better chance of getting the accommodation you want.

Researching local housing options

Explore various housing options, considering online platforms, local agencies, and university-managed accommodation. Researching neighborhood safety and amenities is essential.

Get advice from past Erasmus participants

Connect with former Erasmus students to learn more about their housing experiences. Learning from their successes and challenges can help you make informed decisions.

Erasmus study, students, where to study, where to stay

Popular Erasmus destinations in Europe

This section explores popular Erasmus destinations across Europe and lists recommended neighborhoods.

Whether you seek the lively atmosphere of Barcelona or the tranquil settings in Coimbra, discover the best places to call home during your Erasmus experience. 

Erasmus accommodation Warsaw - Poland:

Find the perfect student accommodation in Warsaw

There are many Erasmus options students for apartments dor rent in Warsaw, ensuring convenient proximity to campus facilities.

Explore neighborhoods such as Śródmieście or Mokotów for a blend of student accomodation in Poland, good vibes and essential amenities.

Erasmus student housing Berlin - Germany:

Find the perfect student accommodation in Berlin

Berlin offers diverse housing choices for Erasmus students, each with easy access to campus facilities. Consider districts like Prenzlauer Berg or Kreuzberg, where you'll find not only student accommodation in Berlin, but also student community and a variety of amenities to enhance your academic journey.

Erasmus student accommodation in Valencia - Spain:

Find the perfect student accommodation in Valencia

Valencia welcomes Erasmus students with a range of accommodation options, strategically located near campus facilities, including the University of Valencia.

Explore short-term rentals in Valencia in neighborhoods like El Carmen or Ruzafa, known for their student-friendly atmosphere, lively culture, and convenient access to everything you need for a fulfilling academic experience.

Alternatively, you can consider renting accommodation near the following popular areas and places: 

  • Valencia Beach
  • City center
  • Old Town
  • Patacona Beach

Erasmus accommodation in Vienna:

Find the perfect student accommodation in Vienna

In the capital of Austria, Erasmus students can choose from a plethora of student accommodation in Vienna, ensuring close proximity to campus facilities.

Consider districts like Alsergrund or Leopoldstadt for a blend of a student-friendly environment and access to essential amenities.

Vienna Erasmus accommodation - Austria:

Erasmus university Rotterdam housing - Netherlands:

In Rotterdam, diverse housing options are available for Erasmus university students, with convenient access to campus facilities.

Consider areas like Kralingen or Oude Westen for a mix of student-friendly atmosphere and amenities.

Erasmus Amsterdam - Netherlands:

Amsterdam is a popular Erasmus destination. Students often find suitable accommodation in neighborhoods like De Pijp or Oud-West, known for their lively atmosphere and proximity to educational institutions.

You can also consider rentals in Netherlands close to the city center, the Centraal train station, and Dam Square

Erasmus accommodation Barcelona - Spain:

Find the perfect student accommodation in Barcelona

Barcelona is a top choice for Erasmus students.

Explore neighborhoods like Gràcia or El Raval for accommodation for students in Barcelona, which offer a mix of cultural richness and student-friendly vibes, making it an ideal choice for accommodation.

You can also consider renting accommodation in or close to or in: 

  • Barcelona beach area
  • The city center
  • Eixample neighborhood 
  • Gothic Quarter
  • Barcelona Sants Train Station

Erasmus accommodation Bologna - Italy:  

Bologna, with its rich history and academic prominence, has student-friendly neighborhoods like San Salvario or Santo Stefano. You can experience a mix of affordable housing and a lively student community in these areas. 

Erasmus housing Lisbon - Portugal:

Find the perfect student accommodation in Lisbon

Lisbon is an attractive Erasmus destination because of the Portugal education system and the city center is home to many students. Consider areas like Bairro Alto, Baixa, or Alfama for student accommodation, which provide an energetic atmosphere, cultural experiences, and proximity to universities.

The beach area is also very popular with students who want to rent apartmant in Lisbon and make the most of their stay. 

Erasmus housing Lisbon

Porto Erasmus accommodation - Portugal:

Find the perfect student accommodation in Porto

In the coastal city of Porto, Ribeira or Cedofeita neighborhoods are popular among Erasmus students.

These areas offer affordable rentals in Porto, cultural richness, and easy access to academic institutions.

Some nature lovers opt for student accommodation near the beach.

Coimbra Erasmus accommodation - Portugal:

Coimbra, with its historic appeal, has student-friendly neighborhoods like Baixa or Sé Nova. These areas provide a balance of affordable housing and proximity to the renowned University of Coimbra.

Student accommodation Paris Erasmus - France:

Find the perfect student accommodation in Paris

Paris, the city of lights, has student-friendly neighborhoods near the city center and the campuses of the University of Paris, also known as Sorbonne University.

The main campus of Sorbonne University is situated in the Latin Quarter, which is on the left bank of the Seine River in the 5th arrondissement, giving the way to rent an apartment in Paris.

Student accommodation Paris Erasmus - France:

Prague Erasmus accommodation - Czech Republic:

Find the perfect student accommodation in Prague

With prestigious universities such as Czech University of Life Sciences and Charles University, Prague promises a picturesque setting for Erasmus students.

Explore areas in Prague like Vinohrady or Holesovice for affordable housing and a student community. 

Erasmus accommodation Florence - Italy: 

Florence has student-friendly housing options in areas like Campo di Marte or Rifredi, providing a balance between academic proximity and local attractions.

Erasmus housing Budapest - Hungary:

Find the perfect student accommodation in Budapest

Budapest's District VII or VIII are popular among Erasmus students. These areas are known for the availability of affordable housing, a lively atmosphere, and easy access to universities in Budapest.

If you’re a music fan and your study visit coincides with the Sziget Festival, one of the largest music and cultural festivals in Europe, make sure to attend it to make your stay in Hungary even more memorable. 

Erasmus Ljubljana accommodation - Slovenia:

Ljubljana has student-friendly neighborhoods like Bežigrad or Šiška.

Enjoy a pleasant balance of affordable housing, cultural experiences, and a welcoming student community in Slovenia.

Erasmus accommodation Milan - Italy:

Milan's Navigli or Porta Venezia neighborhoods are ideal for montly rentals in Milan for students.

These areas are characterized by their cosmopolitan atmosphere, their cultural richness and their good connections to universities.

Erasmus Tarragona accommodation - Spain:

In Tarragona, there are student-friendly neighborhoods like Part Alta or Eixample.

These areas provide a blend of affordable apartments for rent in Tarragona and a unique cultural experience.

Erasmus Tarragona accommodation - Spain:

Erasmus accommodation in Madrid - Spain:

Find the perfect student accommodation in Madrid

Madrid has diverse accommodation options for Erasmus students, and areas in or near the Madrid Atocha Train Station, the city center, and the Complutense University of Madrid are increasing in popularity.

You can consider neighborhoods like Malasaña or Lavapiés for a student-friendly atmosphere and proximity to universities in Spain.

Erasmus accommodation Athens - Greece:

Athens, with its historical significance and its buzzing city center, has student-friendly neighborhoods like Exarchia or Koukaki.

In these areas, students can find affordable accommodation and a student-friendly community. 

Erasmus accommodation Athens - Greece:

Erasmus accommodation Seville - Spain:

Seville's Alameda and Triana districts are very popular with Erasmus students. Enjoy the rentals in Seville and in the many student-friendly neighborhoods. 

Erasmus Malaga accommodation - Spain:

Find the perfect student accommodation in Malaga

In this beautiful city, students can find short-term rentals in Malaga in areas like Centro or Malagueta.

These neighborhoods provide a student-friendly atmosphere, beautiful surroundings, and easy access to academic institutions.

Flatio for students at a glance! 

  • Fully furnished, remote, work-friendly rooms, flats, and houses
  • Flexible rental options (from 5 days to long-term stays)
  • Deposit-free policy
  • Simplified digital rental process
  • Available in over 300 locations across Europe and beyond
  • Reasonably priced accommodation
  • And much more!

(Sources: European Commission, Erasmus Generation Blog)

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