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Student apartments in Barcelona

The idea of living in Spain is particularly appealing to students deciding on their exchange destination. Many compete for a chance to spend their Erasmus in Barcelona, a city famous for its beauty, weather, and food, where finding accommodation is a tricky mission. You’re among millions of tourists and thousands of ex-pats who flood the city each year. This is why here, at Flatio, we’re making the hunt for student accommodation a matter of a few clicks.
Private one bedroom apartment in the heart of Barcelona next to la Rambla and plaza Catalunya. Located on the 4th floor of a building in the heart of the town, near Plaza Catalunya the center of Barcelona, this apartment has everything you need: bed linen, towels, kitchen equipment. Bedroom with double bed and large closet where you can keep all your belongings. The modern kitchen is fully…
Flat in the city center with Metro (L2, L4 and L5), Buses and Night Buses available 24 hours. Private taxi available 24 hours on request (cost not included and depending by the distance). There are 2 parking spaces around the flat with prices agreed upon in a convention (price per month 145 - 175€ and per year 1450 - 1750€ depending by the parking and if car or van). Very close to the SAGRADA…

Cheap student accommodation in Barcelona

Prices of student flats to rent in Barcelona vary widely, from anything near 300 EUR per month for a room to more than 2000 EUR for a luxury student accommodation in a well-located area. One of the hot-spots of the city is the incredible Gothic Quarter, located at the sleeve of Las Ramblas, and the funny this is that the district is not even Gothic. What happened is that at the turn of the 19th and 20th century this part of town was revamped for the 1929 International Exhibition - and given its stylish look from Middle Ages. The fashion turned out to be such a success, that the city continued building neo-gothic structures well into 60’s.

Private student accommodation in Barcelona

There’s plenty of hipster, up-and-coming, beautifully gentrifying places all over the city. One of these is Gràcia, a formerly independent town that was annexed to Barcelona at the end of the 19th century. It sports big attractions, such as the UNESCO world patrimony site, Park Güell, and Casa Vicens, both designed by Gaudi. What’s probably more important, though, is that, apart from Passeig de Gracia, fancy shopping area, Garcia is an intimate neighborhood with a low-key, local life. Instead of food chains, you have homey tapas bars serving wonderful tiny plates of food. And people just love to leisurely seat at the tables in the middle of beautiful squares.

Student studio apartments near the University

There’s, of course, a lot more to choose from - you can decide to be near the University of Barcelona, in an international student accommodation somewhere near the wonderful contemporary art museum MACBA. This part of town is like time travel, with its narrow streets, decorative architecture, skate parks, super old bars, and vibrant nightlife.

Best student apartments and flats in Barcelona - what else do you need to know before moving?

Aside from finding a fully furnished student accommodation in Barcelona, to make most out of your stay you can also consider:

  • picking up some basic Catalan before locating here;
  • getting a nice, second-hand bike and a GREAT lock;
  • invest in solid earplugs, as the city can get really noisy (this is a real problem there).

Summer student accommodation in Barcelona

Oh, and the beach. Before you decide that the only place you want your student room to be has to be near the (in)famous Barcelonetta, beware! It is conveniently central in the city and that means, it’s crazy, unpleasantly overcrowded pretty much all year long. It’s not really fun at the end.

So, how to find a room for rent in Barcelona for a student with Flatio?

Here are the steps. Choose which student accommodation suits you best, click ‘Reservation Request’ and wait for less than 24 hours to see if your request is approved. If the answer is yes, you can fill in the rest of the paperwork and sign the contract online. Flatio offers all this for a small reservation fee of €19 and a low service fee. There is no deposit to pay. It is cheap and simple to find with us furnished student apartments in your dream part of town.

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