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4. september 2022 · 2 minute

Best Digital Nomad Groups to Join in Madrid

There are many digital nomad communities worldwide but sometimes it can be difficult to find them. And that’s a real shame because there is no reason why you should go through all the challenges of this lifestyle alone. So here are some online and offline digital nomad groups in Madrid.

Online digital nomad groups in Madrid

Online nomad groups can be a real treasure trove of information. You can learn about anything from cool events, good apartments, job opportunities, and even administration and visa rules. Expats and nomads are usually welcoming to new members and can be incredibly helpful.

The number one stop for every digital nomad should be the Digital Nomads Madrid Facebook group. While it’s fairly small (only about a thousand or so members) it is very active and has a new post at least once a day. You can always broaden the pool of digital nomads by going to the Digital Nomads Spain group where there are twenty-five thousand visitors eagerly discussing their new home.

In a similar vein, there are also expat groups that have a ton of information on just about anything. join Internationals in Madrid, Madrid expats, or Expats in Madrid and reach a community of tens of thousands of people. While these are not always in the know about the digital nomad lifestyle, there is still a lot of fun and interesting conversation to be had.

Next are groups you should join for their usefulness. The Madrid Apartments and Madrid Roommate and Flat Search group is a great source of accommodation. And Nightlife Madrid, while sponsored by Citylife Madrid, can still be a good place to learn about exciting events.

Lastly, Spain’s capital is not just for fun and socializing, but there are also ample opportunities to network and learn about new business strategies. For that, groups like Madrid Entrepreneurs and Freelancers, Madrid Online Business, or Madrid Business Network are great places to go and grow as a worker or as an owner of a company.

Offline digital nomad groups in Madrid

In-person groups and events are a great way to both find friends and network. Not only is it easier to strike up a conversation but it also makes you more memorable to others. And this is especially good news for networking and learning about new business opportunities.

To start with, the Professional Networking and Drinks in Madrid group takes place once a month and is a great way to network, pitch your business idea, or find new business partners. The event begins at 7 pm, but if you want to become part of the group, it is recommended to arrive earlier. There’s also a Startup Mentorship Program which hopes to accelerate your new business, and a Founders Live event on September 22nd.

There are also less serious events for digital nomads like the two meetups organized in the Kairo Club de Negocios. One is a simple Meet and Eat event where you can get to know other nomads, while the second event is focused on networking. Lastly, there’s the after-work meetup at the MUN Hub where you can chat with like-minded people and enjoy some nice drinks. With all these options, it’s hard to be lonely.

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