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2. august 2021 · 2 minute

Best Rated Gyms in Porto and How You Can Join

Staying healthy can be a challenge to many, especially in the big cities. There are many opportunities for delicious food and sometimes not so many options to stay active.

This is where gyms come in, though you could also go out for a hike or a swim as Porto is situated near some stunning scenery. In any case, here are just a few popular picks that will help you stay in shape during your few months living in Porto.

How to join a gym in Porto?

This may seem like a question with a simple answer, but there is some nuance to it. Firstly, you have to make sure that you prepare for non-English speaking staff. If you want to register yourself at a gym, your best bet might be going there in person as it is more likely that someone there will be able to talk to you.

Secondly, make sure you get the payment information correctly. Some gyms charge a monthly fee, while others do a weekly one. Additionally, some may hike up the prices through smaller fees that add up at the end of the month.

So make sure that you understand what you will pay for and how much it will cost before you register with a gym. Lastly, some gyms only accept cards from Portuguese banks, at which point you will have to ask them to pay with cash.

CrossFit Foz in Porto

This gym, as the name suggests, focuses mainly on cross fit exercises. This means that while it is a reasonably sizable gym, at some 300 m2, there is really no access to it without a tutored lesson. On the other hand, you will be coached by professionals all week long, so it’s definitely worth €85 per month.

The price per month is lower the more months you buy together, so for an entire year, the price is actually €65 per month. They also offer a “drop-in” option for €20, so you can try it out and see if it is for you. All in all, CrossFit Foz is a professional gym if you love or want to try cross fit.

Fitness Hut Trindade in Porto

Fitness Hut is your average gym. There is pretty much everything you could ask for, from weights and a wide selection of exercising machines to classes that cover everything from body shaping, yoga, and RPM to spinning classes, Pilates, and even self-defence.

Though it’s worth noting that some of these are nothing more than a pre-recorded video, so it is much less hands-on. Some are still one on one classes so that you will have expert direction. Their prices are in tiers, where the videos themselves start from about €6,60 per week, admission to your local gym is €9, a woman’s gym is €10, a health club is €15, and the premium health club is €20 per week.

But even with the cheapest option, you will have access to the machines, most of the spaces, and so forth, even if things like the pool or the sauna are kept behind more pricy weekly fees. Overall, there’s something for everyone in here.
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