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28. april 2021 · 2 minute

Best time to go to Portugal

When to go to Portugal: temperatures, rains, weather.

Because it is located in southern Europe and has a Mediterranean climate, Portugal is not as cold as most European countries and can be visited at any time of the year. Some months, however, are excessively hot, and during winter the minimum temperatures can bother some people. The best times to visit most of the country are, in principle, spring (April and May) and autumn (October and November). The country is small and, although the south has milder temperatures and the north is colder, the differences are not significant.

The altitude also influences: in the mountains, such as Estrela and Marão, and other mountain regions, it snows in the colder months. Anyway, cold and heat are relative. What is "cold" for some is "pleasantly fresh" for others; an "unbearable heat" can be considered "a delight" by those who hate cold. Although high or low temperatures can be annoying, what does not even combine with travel is rain, especially in a country where the main attractions are the beautiful landscapes and architecture. Thankfully, Portugal is not a particularly rainy country. The south is very dry, the north is more humid. Winter is the rainiest season.

Portugal in the four seasons


Cool daytime temperatures. It rains a little in the north. The Portuguese, flowery fields are beautiful. The mountainous regions of the north, in early spring, are still cold.


Portugal, especially the Algarve, is literally invaded by the French, Germans, and English, Everything gets crowded, more expensive and the services lose quality. In July and August temperatures can reach over 30 ºC. If you don't like excessive heat, avoid this time. These are months that are pleasing to Europeans in need of sun and beach.


Great time to visit the country. Early autumn has warm days and cool nights. Throughout the season, maximum temperatures drop. At the end of autumn the landscapes, especially in the north of Portugal, take on beautiful golden or red tones. Beginning of the rains in Porto.


The height of winter can be unpleasant at night for those who hate cold, but it is rare to be “unbearable”. It is when it rains most of the year, mainly in the Porto region. In the north of the country, the temperatures in the mountains can reach zero degrees. In the Algarve (Faro), neither the rain nor the cold are enough to bother you. On Madeira Island, winter is also mild.

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