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Flatio’s Acquisition of flOasis: The Path Forward

31. august 2022 · 2 minute

More accommodations for rent in more locations specifically designed to meet the needs of remote workers. That's what you asked for, and we not only listened, we delivered.


We recently acquired flOasis, a European-focused and community-oriented housing provider tailored to the requirements of digital nomads and other groups of remote workers.

Prior to joining forces with Flatio, flOasis had built a community of more than 3,000 remote workers and created a network of hundreds of inspirational listings across Europe, curated for different moods like "chill," "active," and "focus."

These include large co-living spaces, sustainable farm accommodations, and luxury beachside villas.

flOasis saw in Flatio the opportunity to take the platform to the next level, and, given our shared values, we decided to acquire them.

The acquisition gives digital nomads access to more accommodations that fit their lifestyles, more peace of mind through remote worker-approved listings, and more customized stay experiences based on their preferences and travel purpose.

"Since the pandemic, people have more freedom to live and work from anywhere. We have seen a rapid acceleration in demand, not just from traditional digital nomads but former office workers, families and executives wanting to improve their work-life balance by working from anywhere. The workation trend is here to stay, so we must continue to meet the needs of modern-day remote workers," said Radim Rezek, co-founder and CEO of Flatio.

As part of the deal, we've integrated flOasis' content, data, and files, as well as its 236 unique listings into our platform and plan to add another 1,290 listings.

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The Flatio Pioneer Program

We'll also expand flOasis' innovative pioneer program, where influencers (individuals, couples, or families) pre-review accommodations to ensure they meet the needs of digital nomads, such as strong Wi-Fi and the right equipment for work (desk, chair, etc.).

How can digital nomads benefit from the acquisition and the Flatio Pioneer Program?

On Flatio, digital nomads looking for accommodation can filter their search to show only results labeled "flOasis" that are more suitable for their specific needs. They can also see if the accommodation has been verified by an individual, couple, or family pioneer.

How can landlords benefit from the acquisition and the Flatio Pioneer Program?

We believe the initiative will offer landlords a new opportunity to have their listings verified with a new label, generate unique traffic to their listings thanks to online promotion by the pioneers, and target digital nomads--professional, high-paying tenants--more accurately.

This will be an additional verification that can boost landlords' reputation, alongside other types of verification we have on Flatio, such as ownership and listing verification.

We'll be sharing more details about the Flatio Pioneer Program soon. Stay tuned, especially if you want to become a Flatio Pioneer!

And we'll continue to pursue our mission of empowering independent landlords and enabling tenants to enjoy a liberating life. We'll also continue to look for new partners and opportunities that can add value to us and our users on this journey.

Join hundreds of satisfied landlords! Everything is done online at Flatio, so you'll have more time and less worries.

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