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19. august 2020 · 1 minute

Germany as one of the top destinations for study abroad

Have you ever wondered which destinations are the most favorite between students to study abroad? Maybe you will be surprised that one of them is our west neighbor - Germany. Germany took 1st place between European destinations and 3rd place between worldwide destinations.

The ranking of the top destinations for study abroad is compiled by the portal, whose mission is to help students to find the right education. The ranking is then based on the following criteria, which are the most important according to the survey of over 30.000 students:

  1. To achieve my career goals
  2. To develop myself personally
  3. To experience a new culture or lifestyle
  4. To access higher-quality teaching
  5. To have an adventure
  6. To make new friends or widen my professional network
  7. To learn a new language

Every factor then has its corresponding quantitative metric (or weight) according to how many students from survey selected that factor as important in their decision--making process. According to those evaluation criteria, the following 10 countries placed among the Top 10 places in Europe to study abroad 2020 ranking:

But when we think about it, it’s not a big surprise that Germany won this ranking, since it has a really strong economy and can help you to fulfill all your career/education dreams! And what’s more - there are no tuition fees for domestic/international students in public universities.

So it seems like Germany is the perfect option when thinking about studying abroad, don't you think? ;)

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Germany as one of the top destinations for study abroad
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