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14. february 2020 · 2 minute

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

Do you think Valentine's Day is purely a commercial holiday?

Maybe… On the other hand, why not take every opportunity to please someone you love. Now I don't mean love between man and woman, between lovers. I am talking about love as such, be it among partners, friends, children, siblings, ... Just look around, each of us will find someone he or she likes and why not use Valentine's Day and make him happy? Don't have money? Don't you want to spend your money unnecessarily? It's not about that! You can make someone happy just with a short nice message, one flower, a little sweetness, an invitation for a drink or a romantic dinner. A nice word makes often people much more happy than opulent gifts. You can just prepare a nice dinner for your partner, especially if you are in the kitchen not too often. Please forget sausages, pizza or scrambled eggs! Use your imagination and creativity, and if you have a lack of culinary skills, just order dinner from a good restaurant.

If you want to make a romantic gesture, you have the perfect opportunity today!

If you would prefer to buy a present for someone, pay attention to what would really make them happy. In the case of a woman, you will certainly not spoil anything with jewelry or cosmetics, if you are not sure a solution is a gift voucher. She will appreciate you wanted to please her, but that you let her choose herself. Choosing a gift for men is a difficult task. Probably a bottle of good wine. Not many men will enjoy flowers, but why not…

Not only adults but also children register Valentine's Day. They create valentines for friends, for mothers and even for dads! If you want to please children around you or your own, it will be no romance, it is clear. But you can prepare fun for them. For example, creating valentines, making decorations, greeting cards, etc. You and your children can realize themselves creatively, but you can also spend a few pleasant hours together. And believe that this will be the greatest gift for children!

Do not forget about pets or animals in the shelter. Sure, they do not know what is the day. However, if you bring them something or take them for a walk, it is the best gift for them. And it will cost you (almost) nothing 😊

And how do we celebrate Valentine's Day in Flatio?

A brief survey in our team shows that access to the St. Valentine's Day is completely individual. Men all perceive that a woman expects some pleasant surprise. I can easily feel that men are under pressure because they know this expectation of their partners well... But what they would not do for their dear halves! There is a minority of women in Flatio, however, as is already clear from the survey among the male staff, it has been confirmed that a woman expects a man to remember… One of us has no expectations and quite practically is looking for visiting a cinema this evening...

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