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12. december 2022 · 5 minute

Interview With Flatio Tenant, Maria Anastasiadou: What’s a Digital Nomad-Friendly Accommodation and The Importance of Communication

As digital nomads grow in number, landlords and property owners are presented with a unique opportunity to rent their accommodation to these location-independent remote workers, who are professional tenants and bring many benefits to a landlord's business.

First off, digital nomad tenants prioritize flexibility over long-term commitments. This means that landlords can offer digital nomads shorter lease agreements than traditional tenants and still benefit from a steady stream of income due to digital nomads’ high demand for short- and mid-term rentals almost all year round.

In addition, digital nomad tenants often have the financial resources necessary for higher rents and the ability to pay their rent on time as they usually earn a stable income remotely. In other words, digital nomads can provide a reliable source of rental income for landlords who are willing to offer them flexible lease terms.

Finally, digital nomads can bring unique value to a landlord’s business by giving it an international exposure and help promote it online and offline as a desirable option for digital nomad tenants around the world. This is possible because most digital nomads are avid travelers who will stay in different places throughout their digital career.

The bottom line is that landlords have the potential to receive more inquiries from digital nomads looking for short- or medium-term rental properties through a digital nomad-friendly rental property and a better understanding of their lifestyle and requirements.

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What makes an accommodation and a landlord digital nomad-friendly?

The question landlords may be asking themselves now is: How would digital nomads describe an ideal rental accommodation? What are their expectations of their landlord? What questions do they want to have an answer to before they rent an accommodation?

Well. We think we some of the answers you might be looking for as a landlord because we interviewed Maria Anastasiadou, a remote worker who's used Flatio several times to find rental housing in Spain that meets her specific needs.

Maria told us that the "biggest" challenge she faced while searching for a place to rent was "finding a furnished flat with a stable Wi-Fi connection that has its own workspace or is set up so you can work from home."

That's why she recommends remote workers looking for rental housing to ask landlords specifically about the download and upload speeds of the Wi-Fi Internet connection and to ask for more pictures of the workspace in the property.

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Maria, like other people who work from home, also needs peace and quiet to be able to concentrate on her work. That's why she suggests remote workers ask the landlord if the property is in a noisy neighborhood or on a noisy street.

Given the importance of these factors, she expects her landlord to communicate effectively with the tenant and immediately address problems with the Internet, electricity, noise, and other issues that may arise during her stay.

Read our interview with Maria to learn about her definition of a “pleasant rental experience” as a remote worker, her experience with Flatio, how she thinks a tenant can gain a landlord's trust, renting on a monthly basis and more.

Maria, how did you find out about Flatio?

I heard about Flatio in a Facebook group for digital nomads. There was a discussion there about long-term stays, and Flatio was recommended by several members.

Why did you choose Flatio to find rental accommodation?

The platform is very straightforward and more accommodating toward longer stays than other platforms. Once I found listings that met my needs and expectations, I messaged the landlords and the rest is history.

How easy was it to book accommodation on Flatio?

Very easy! The platform is very clear in terms of what the landlord offers and what the rental unit is like. The reviews are also helpful with previous tenants providing more specific information and detailed reviews.

Even when information was missing, I was able to write directly to the landlord and get my questions answered. For example, I often inquire about Internet speed and never had a problem getting a response.

If you've used other rental platforms before, how does your experience on Flatio differ from your previous experiences?

I've used other rental platforms before, and my experiences with them and Flatio have been consistently positive. During my stay in a Flatio apartment, I didn't encounter any problems.

What are the biggest challenges in the rental process that Flatio has solved for you?

The landlords who offer housing on Flatio seem to understand that remote workers like me need a stable Wi-Fi connection and a semi-long term housing (for some of us). That was the biggest challenge: finding a furnished flat with a stable Wi-Fi connection that has its own workspace or is set up so you can work from home.

How would you describe a pleasant rental experience?

One where the landlord takes care of any issues that arise, or alternatively a stay that's uneventful and meets expectations.

As a tenant, what do you expect from landlords?

That they'll take care of any problem. For example, if there are issues with the Internet, electricity, or noise, I expect them to take care of the problem immediately. It's well known that people like me who work from home rely on fast Wi-Fi connection, and the above problems can affect our daily life, work, income, and so on.

How do you think a tenant can gain a landlord's trust?

By showing that they're trustworthy—whether it's by watering the landlord's plants as they've asked, or by keeping their property clean.

What are the most important qualities of a good tenant?

To be respectful, nice, honest, and friendly.

What are the most important questions a tenant should ask a landlord before renting their accommodation?

What are the download and upload speeds of the Wi-Fi? Can you send me more pictures of the workspace in the property? (Pictures of the chairs, if any) Are there specific things you want me to do in the property, like watering plants, etc.? Is there a working AC/heater? How many and in which rooms? Is it a noisy neighborhood/street? What floor is the flat on?

How important do you think communication is between tenant and landlord?

Extremely important. Even if the accommodation is great, communication with the landlord can make all the difference. Problems can arise in the blink of an eye, and the tenant should not have to navigate those issues alone, especially in a foreign language.

What do you think of the channels Flatio provides for direct communication between the tenant and the landlord?

I love and appreciate them. They're extremely helpful.

What are the advantages of renting accommodation on a monthly basis?

It gives you the freedom to live in a certain place for a semi-long period of time without necessarily making a long-term commitment. Also, it gives you the freedom to change your short-term plans as you please.

Would you use Flatio again in the future?

Absolutely! I've already booked the same place I stayed in, but for the winter. So I'll experience Alicante in the winter as well. It was that great!

Would you recommend Flatio to other people looking for rental accommodations?

Definitely, I already have!

Are you a landlord? Would you like to rent to digital nomads?

Does the idea of housing a remote worker like Maria and earning passive rental income almost all year round sound interesting to you as a landlord?

If so, we can help you connect with hundreds of remote workers, including digital nomads, from around the world.

Flatio, with 4.5 stars on Trustpilot, is the first choice for hundreds of independent landlords in Europe and beyond. We can help you start and run a hassle-free rental business or successfully grow your current rental business.

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So what are you waiting for? All you have to do is list your property on Flatio now, which you can do FOR FREE!

You can find answers to FAQs in our Help Center. If you need more information or assistance, contact our Customer Care team at [email protected]. They’ll be happy to help you.

We look forward to seeing you on Flatio!

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Join hundreds of satisfied landlords! Everything is done online at Flatio, so you'll have more time and less worries.

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