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29. july 2021 · 2 minute

Is Lagos a sustainable destination?

Is Lagos a sustainable destination? Most people do not consider sustainability a decisive factor when looking for their next holiday or midterm stay. But they definitely should. Sustainability is a topic that deserves our attention and effort to support its development, especially when travelling. In this article, you will understand why the Algarve is one of the most sustainable destinations in Europe.

How does Lagos stay green? ​​

Portugal was awarded the ITB Earth Award in 2019. This annual award highlights destinations with a plan for tourism that promotes sustainable development and contributes to combating climate change and environmental degradation. Lagos had a particular mention of being described as a place of rich cultural heritage with more than 60% of its territory as nature conservation, preventing excessive tourism from destroying its natural beauty.

All of Lagos’ beaches and its marina have been awarded the Blue Flag certification. Several hotels in Lagos have proved their corporate responsibility to sustainability to respond to the recent increase in environmental awareness among tourists. In a recent interview with the Portugal news newspaper, Lagos Mayor Hugo Per​​eira said that the district is concerned with the environmental sector.

Various awareness-raising activities are being promoted, mainly concerning the use of plastic. Campaigns made at schools are supported by the Mayor to bring the subject closer to the residents. Hugo Pereira also adds that the eco bins throughout the city will be replaced by new containers with a hollow bottom to give more space for rubbish disposal. The Mayor also makes it known that the City Council collects large items for free, such as home appliances, so they are not placed next to the eco bins and help to make Lagos a more ecological city.

According to Hugo Pereira, the road is long, but the plan seems to be reaching its goals, judging by the placement of blue flags on several beaches in the town, for example. The City Council is also developing the SuSTownd project with the University of Algarve. This two-year initiative aims to contribute to a more sustainable municipality for residents and tourists.

How to be sustainable in Lagos?

Most people will choose Lagos for its natural beauties and incredible beaches. Still, it’s crucial to think about enjoying it without harming the environment. So here are some steps you can take to be more sustainable in Lagos and all other beaches you may visit.

  • Look for a sunscreen that does not pollute.
  • Give the organic and eco sunscreens a chance. They do not use chemical solar filters that are toxic to the sea and its organisms.
  • Avoid using disposable products.
  • Use bags to pick up packs and keep the beach clean. Lookup for sustainable accommodation.
  • Avoid plastic bottles.
  • Opt for healthier snacks.
  • Bring seasonal fruits and vegetables for your lunch.
  • Lastly, there are always community activities to participate in to help clean beaches or other areas that will support the environment.
  • Lookup for those and don’t think twice about joining them. 
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