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23. june 2021 · 3 minute

Lagos guide for Digital Nomads

Lagos is located in the South-West of the Algarve. With around 22 000 people (a number which increases dramatically with the arrival of tourists in the summer), it is by no means a metropolis. But that is precisely its charm. The romantically looking white streets with tons to see and explore is an invitation to those looking to knuckle down and work or put their feet up and relax.

Weather in Lagos

Since it is part of the southern region of Portugal, Lagos is a hot place. The average temperature is between 16 °C and 28,5 °C, with the hottest months being June and September. The sea temperatures are around 20 °C in the summer and 16°C in the winter. So if you are used to colder waters, you can enjoy a lovely day at the beach at any time of the year. The town also gets a lot of sunshine throughout the year, so it's perfect for tanning. Overall, the Mediterranean climate makes Lagos an ideal destination for a few months stay.

Cost of Living in Lagos

As in the rest of Portugal, the cost of living in Lagos is far below the average of most cities and places in Western Europe, which is a beautiful piece of news for remote workers. For example, renting a small one-bedroom apartment outside the town's centre is around €625 and a three-bedroom apartment in the centre around €1100.

So getting a mid-term rental, especially with sites like Flatio, is easy and affordable. Flatio offers fully furnished and equipped houses, studios, and apartments with WIFI and all the bills already included in the monthly rent.

Food is likewise inexpensive, with items like a loaf of fresh bread and a kilo of onions or potatoes being around €1 each and a dozen eggs and a kilo of apples is about €2. As always, meat or cheese can be a bit on the more expensive side, but you shouldn't have a problem if you buy these locally. As for eating out, a meal in fast-food restaurant costs around €7 and a three-course meal for two starts at around €30.

So, in short, food shouldn't be too much of a strain on your wallet unless you need something specific. Lastly, the transportation prices are as follows: a one-way ticket for public transport averages about €1,6 while a monthly pass without any discounts is only €23.

If you want to rent a car, there are many different options to choose from, from international companies like Europcar to smaller, local companies like Luzcar. A litre of gas sits at about €1,4. With that, it should be pretty clear why the Algarve became such a hotspot for digital nomads. The affordability alone makes it attractive.

Where to stay in Lagos

Choosing a place to stay in Lagos entirely depends on what kind of trip you're expecting to have. For example, head on to Flatio, you'll find accommodation in the very heart of Lagos (such as the Old Town) as well as some that are overlooking its many gorgeous beaches (like the waterfront of Lagos Marina).

On the other hand, if you want to be closer to its pleasant nightlife and society, the centre is a place for you. But it would help if you kept in mind that since Lagos isn't a large town, getting from one part of it to the other isn't a big issue.

Coworking space in Lagos

There isn't much choice for coworking spaces in Lagos, but there are three that you should keep an eye on. First, the CENTRO work & event offers shared open-plan office space on Lagos's first and second floor. The €150 price tag includes your desk and chair with some storage space, Wi-Fi, a shared mailbox, and a small kitchen, as well as indoor advertising space and ad space on their website.

The two floors can hold up to ten people, so don't hesitate to reserve a spot. Another is a coworking space on Rua Antero de Quental, also in the town's centre, which boasts the usual equipment such as standing desks, Wi-Fi, printer, and so on but excels in its relaxation areas has its outdoor terrace and a swimming pool. It also does its events and has its own Facebook group, making it easier to meet people and network.

We want to mention the last coworking space on Rua Silva Lopes, also in the centre, which provides its workers with an onsite café and complimentary tea and coffee. It also has an event space for rent and central heating, especially welcomed since many houses lack heating due to the warm temperatures all year round. For the colder among us, this is the right pick.

Activities in Lagos

But your stay in Lagos shouldn't be all work and no play, especially since it is such a lovely town you should enjoy yourself. Lagos has a rich history and sights to see, like the Moorish wall or Baroque churches, but it also houses some unique cliffs, caverns, and sea caves in the Ponta de Piedade headland south of Lagos. Lagos is also a perfect place for families with kids.

Outside of natural beauties and the beach, there is also the Zoomarine, a mix between an education centre about marine life and an aquapark with slides and dolphin shows. The self-explanatory Slide & Splash and the Luso Ventura are adventure centre with rope obstacles and paintball courses. Young or old, your kids will love it.
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