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For tenants · 14. december 2018 · 2 minute

Do you need help decorating of your apartment for Christmas? Look for some inspiration

Christmas is a time of peace, candy, calm, family, gifts, feasts, clean-ups, and more. But first, everything has to be arranged, planned, picked up, packed, prepared, and only then can you have merry Christmas which we sometimes don't even enjoy after all the stress. That's why it's better to have some time for yourself and enjoy the decoration of your abode.  

How to go about it? Let's take a look at the parts of your apartment which you can decorate to your heart's content. Most important thing is to stay calm and enjoy yourself. Christmas decorations are not a chore but pleasure. If you for example forgot to buy something, fear not, and try something new. This is the time to show some of your inner creativity, or rather all of it.

Wreaths, branches, twigs

As for the advent wreath, it's a bit too late for that. Advent wreaths are being prepared during November so that the first lit candle can introduce the season on the first Sunday. But never mind that: Use the wreath to decorate an entrance door, a fireplace, a staircase, a window or a festive table. 

The making of a Christmas wreath presents one with a great opportunity to take a walk in the countryside. Take the dog, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or children and head out to hunt for twigs, cones, and other gifts of the forest. Everything in moderation, however, even the forests aren't endless. The remaining branches can be arranged into vases or decorated and hung on a string. Definitely avoid using artificial branches since they look unnatural and won't scent your home with the fragrance of needles, resin, and wood. 

christmas decoration

Christmas decoration

Don't be afraid to create your own ornaments. It's easy. Dried orange slices, bows, pine cones or spray-painted walnuts, and more. How beautiful it will all look!

Christmas decorations

Gifts and present wrapping

Colourful wrapping paper and shiny bows - that's a bit boring, don't you think? There's beauty in simplicity. That's why you should avoid overly decorative wrapping papers which only hurt the eyes. Buy a simple wrapping paper without a pattern in plain colour (grey, white, light pink), use a coarse thread instead of bows and add a fresh forest branch for fragrance. Can you see the prettiness?

Christmas present

Christmas lantern

Use a slightly larger glass container, for example a pickle jar, a coarse yarn thread or a bow, a candle, and you're done. If you want your new lantern to be even prettier, draw a few snowflakes on it with a permanent marker for glass. 

Christmas latern

Christmas tree

A Christmas tree is simply a classic. Make your own ornaments, use baubles or anything else you like. But definitely avoid using glittery Christmas chains as they look cheap and always make a mess. 

Christmas tree

Merry Christmas!

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